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25 February 2008


Jane's Guide, Yay!

Just when I thought today was going to be one to drown in the swirling pools of liquor which will be my companions once my super grumpy and still-sick children finally are bedded this evening, along comes an email from telling me that my site has been reviewed as "Original" and "Quality."

For whatever reason, I sort of thought they didn't like me over there, since I'd submitted my site to them a couple of years ago and never heard back. No biggie, I thought, it's cool. I don't waste time and energy with cattiness or jealousy or worrying about whether people like me or not, you know that. And I can't remember the last time I checked my reader stats, anyway. (Bad blogger! Bad!)

So, what a pleasant surprise to read the nice things that Shay said about me in the New Reviews section:

Madeline's blog just recently celebrated its third anniversary, quite a feat for a sex blogger. She also writes a second, slightly less sexy blog called Mad Words and contributes to Viviane's Sex Carnival and the Perverts' Cookbook - so she's obviously quite the busy sex blogger and a well established member of the community. Madeline has a great writing style: she's fun, engaging, sexy, and at times poignant. You're going to want to bookmark her site. -Shay
Aw, you like me! You really like me! Thanks very much.

16 February 2008


Happy Happy

I am ridiculously happy.

Last night I was my own birthday cake, as Lolita got me to take off my clothes in a roomful of Lesbian Sex Mafiosas and dripped, drizzled and poured hot wax over my torso. From clavicle to clit. Holy shit.

Lolita at Work. My perky nipples. Photos by Viviane.

Lolita told stories and answered questions from the audience while making the beautiful mess above. It was gooey and warm and I felt like the filling in one of those molten chocolate cakes. And a very. lucky. girl.

Then someone turned out the lights and then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and Wendy, whose birthday was also yesterday (Go, Aquarians!), and who came up and blew out the candles.

Happy Birthday, indeed. And that was just the dimming of the day.

15 February 2008


Runnin' With the Devil

It's my birthday, and I get to do what I want.

So I'm sharing another of my favorite things: the lead vocal track to Van Halen's Runnin' with the Devil.

When I'm bored or in a funk, I just listen to this and remind myself that David Lee Roth is damn old and looks like a leathery, boozy, strung-out Sting. But once upon a time, unbuttoned satin shirts over furry chests and air fucking while tossing your hair seemed like the best. idea. ever.

David Lee Roth!

I think he, like, plays weddings in Jersey City now or something. Here's the original video, just for fun.

09 February 2008


Eat Cake

For the third anniversary of Madeline in the Mirror I'll be giving you some of my favorite things.

First up, Cake's Short Skirt, Long Jacket, one of my favorite songs. As Miles points out, there's no real "singing" in the "song." Doesn't matter. Listen to the MP3 here.

I've been dancing around my house to these guys since, well, since roughly 1996. But this morning I had a serious Cake itch to scratch. The bass, the horns and the cabasa (THE CABASA!) are awesome, but dig the lyrics:

I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass
She is fast and thorough
And sharp as a tack
She's touring the facility
And picking up slack

"Uses a machete to cut through red tape." Hells, yeah.

Damn Sony BMG and their DRM, but you have to see the video; linkable but not embeddable. So click on the cabasa (THE CABASA!) to watch. Hah.


08 February 2008



Apparently it's my third birthday. Or blogversary, as Viviane put it.




Three. As in, three years. Three-cheese. Three-part harmony. You get the point.

Fourth years seem a bit daunting. Like, you have to do big kid things like share and help out around the house and be more responsible for yourself. My fourth year will have me sharing myself in various guises on the interwebs and in print-like fashion. I'll help out some friends in their quests for greatness, all the while taking extra-good care of myself and my children.

Hey, guess what? My kids are fucking awesome and (thank god) none of their awesomeness has to do with their father. I mean, they could be total jerks and act out and be little assholes like some kids I know whose parents are divorced. When the first thing your new sitter says about your kids is, "Your boys are so well-mannered and polite," you know you're not totally fucking up as a parent.

So, anyway, three years have passed.

The hell?

01 February 2008


Drink, Drink (Wink, Wink)!

I decided not to drink alcohol for the month of January.

Not a problem, semi-surprisingly.

Happy February!