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16 February 2008


Happy Happy

I am ridiculously happy.

Last night I was my own birthday cake, as Lolita got me to take off my clothes in a roomful of Lesbian Sex Mafiosas and dripped, drizzled and poured hot wax over my torso. From clavicle to clit. Holy shit.

Lolita at Work. My perky nipples. Photos by Viviane.

Lolita told stories and answered questions from the audience while making the beautiful mess above. It was gooey and warm and I felt like the filling in one of those molten chocolate cakes. And a very. lucky. girl.

Then someone turned out the lights and then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and Wendy, whose birthday was also yesterday (Go, Aquarians!), and who came up and blew out the candles.

Happy Birthday, indeed. And that was just the dimming of the day.


Blogger Wendy Blackheart said...

Aquarians, whee! Srsly, Best.Birthday Cake. Ever.

Now, it would really be funny if we were both also the same Chinese Zodiac sign. I'm year of the Rat (How appropriate!)

Also, I'm yoinking the pictures to post for my birthday post too. :)

Blogger Meg said...

hey, so do you wanna hang out tonight?

oh wait, we already are!!

(happy birthday AGAIN! and to repeat what i said earlier when i first saw these pictures, "unnnnnngh."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pictures came out great.

It was probably more fun as the demo bottom, but it was neat to be in the audience as well.

Also, it was really nice meeting you.


*Disappears back into the internets*

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was there during the demo but too shy to come up to you. I found your blog via Lolita's. You two had such awesome energy and I just wanted to say that your reactions were amazing! It was hard to remember it was just a demo at time and not a scene. haha

I'm looking forward to the next workshop Lolita does and hope you are her demo bottom again. :)


Blogger Ace said...

Happy Birthday. Wish I was born two months later.

Blogger Shay said...

You make a gorgeous birthday cake! ^_^

Blogger slave2Bholed said...

dearest Madeline, your post of 25 Feb says that you don't concern yourself w/ jealousy -- and well, but you should. i'm JEALOUS!! Wow, girl -- you got that GREAT review in Jane's Guide AND now i read this and see that you had a FABULOUS birthday! WAX!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky you! *S*

The pics are delicious. i am so envious it isn't even funny. i am DYING for wax again. To me, it is bliss.

Kudos to you and i'm glad i found your blog by way of Jane's Guide. (Hint and a prayer to Jane's Guide, please will my site get up there in the que? *S*)



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