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07 September 2008


Best. Trailers. Ever.

Got a case of the Mondays? Bet I can turn that frown upside down!

Seriously. I think I've been clear on my stance that certain porn has the power to cheer even the dreariest of days (and it certainly is dreary out there today; hey, Hurricane Ike, what's up?)

I've seen a lot of Internet porn--low to highbrow--and I have to say that the trailers on are probably my favorite appetite-whetting (I said whetting) tidbits ever.

In fact, I own several video shoots that I keep on my external hard drive for, you know, days like this.

Nothing says Happy Monday like white cotton and a Sybian. Enjoy!

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03 September 2008


Wednesday Wank: The Flex A Pleasure

My, oh, my.

When I saw the Flex A Pleasure, I thought, "Well, this should be interesting."

I was right.

Given my love for bullet vibes and simultaneous G-Spot + clit stimulation, it seemed a perfect match. The Flex A Pleasure, made by that renowned institution of sex toy manufacturers, Doc Johnson, is basically two bullet vibes connected by a small, flexible piece of plastic tubing. Each bullet obviously has its own motor, but the pair are controlled by a single dial.

See? Simple.

Did I mention it's waterproof? Um, it's waterproof.

Now, I don't really NEED another bullet vibrator, but I'd like to find ONE that actually fits my particular shape. I've yet to find a rabbit (or beaver or dolphin) vibe that lines up with my parts, and that's what impressed me about the Flex A Pleasure: The customization factor.

I whipped out the Flex A when Kelly and I met for an afternoon rendezvous last week. He looked suitably impressed and not at all threatened, as sometimes happens with those huge vibrators that tend to make men feel smallish. Nope, he whistled, flashed me a grin and took hold of the connecting tube.

I'm more of a sensation gal than a size queen, so the fact that there was no discernible shaft wasn't an issue; if you like to be filled and stretched by your vibes, this is probably not for you. But here's what got me: Kelly was holding it inside me, pushed up against my g-spot, and I took the other end and bent it up to my clit.

Yeah, it was like Tag-Team Coming.

THEN, we discovered the most impressive (in my opinion, natch) use of the Flex A Pleasure: Kelly pulled it out of me and fucked me while I held the other end on my clit...from seven inches away. Think about it: when you're banging and you need a little extra bump, you reach for your little bullet vibe, right? Except that you've got to hold your hand and wrist there--in the space where your sweetie is slamming into you--or else you don't get off. That can get a little tricky, especially when you try to reposition your legs.

So, by holding the Flex A Pleasure by one bullet and straightening the connector, you can stimulate your clit with the other and not have any impediments to good old-fashioned banging.

Overall, I give the Flex A Pleasure three out of five stars, purely for personal, subjective reasons: 1. It uses a size N battery. Who has those on hand when stuff runs down? 2. It's made of plastic and jelly. It's a very thin coating of jelly, which makes me wonder why it's there in the first place, and my uber-sensitive nose could smell it. Unforch.

I love that it's waterproof, though, and the control knob is studded with little rubber grips so you don't lose control completely mid-wank. That's a nice touch. Also, it's pretty powerful, and comes in pretty colors, too. Naturally, mine is pink.

Maybe better suited to me would be the Slimline G Twin; it's made of hard plastic, with no smelly jelly.

I think I will still use the Flex A Pleasure, though, because I totally want to use it as a butt toy, and tossing a condom on the plastic bullet and warming up pre-buttseks sounds like a hole lotta fun.

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