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29 April 2007


Sounds From the Top

I was chatting with a friend the other day, talking about our favorite kinds of sex sounds. His opinion was that the best sound from a girl is the almost-whispering, very personal, intense-in-his-ear-and-only-for-him orgasm.

My response, as teasing and titillating as it was, was honest: "You mean the kind where my legs go rigid and my shoulders and chest are lifted off the mattress, my muscles contract through their waves and I can't catch my breath and it's 'oh, oh, oh' and it goes on for like, a minute? And then you think it's over and I whisper 'I'm not finished,' and it finally subsides with me hoarse, raspy and whimpering? That kind?"

Because that is one of my favorite sounds.

But there are other, baser sounds that I like very much.

There is a sound that I make when I'm with a girl and her hand is inside me, up to her wrist, and she is pumping and twisting inside me and saying, "damn, girl, damn!" It is a gutteral sound, deep and primal. It comes from my toes and reaches past my open mouth to whatever is in front of me and sustains its sound for what seems like an hour.

There is a sound I make when a girl has tied me up and has her gloved fingers inside me while a vibrator buzzes on my clit. It is a gulping sound, searching and probing. Encouraging and hoping and waiting inside my throat for my breath to catch as she hits the perfect spot.

There is a sound I make when that same girl is spanking, then caning me, bent on all fours, head resting on my forearms, perched on the side of the bed. It is a yowl, followed by a sigh. Pain blossoming into pleasure. White heat exploding behind my eyes as I wait, jaw slack, exhaling, for the next blow.

Then there is the sound I make when my fingers are inside a girl and she is writhing beneath me, whimpering and mmm-hmmming. It is a growl, low and appreciative, like the best bite of food my tongue has tasted, connected directly to a flinch of my clit as the sight and feel of her body doing my bidding overwhelms me and I am aroused by the power I have assumed.

It is the sound I made while reading many of the stories in She's on Top: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance and Male Submission, edited by my pal Rachel Kramer Bussel. You've surely seen this Virtual Kinky Book Tour she's put together, with the creme de la creme of the sexy bloggers pointing readers to RKB's pair of anthologies.

She's on Top contains dominant ladies and their submissives in many guises: From a young woman trying out domination for hire in Amsterdam's red light district to a husband who loves when his wife uses him as a footstool, these stories are hot. Some even gave me ideas, like the one where a lady sits in her garden, innocuously reading a book while her slave husband tongues her to orgasm in full view of the neighbors. Of course he is hidden underneath her skirt at the time:

She would say nothing until Robert's tongue left her no choice and she clenched her thighs against his face and came loudly enough that it would hush her neighbors and leave Robert flustered with embarrassment. She did not know if he blushed--she did not let him up from between her legs--and if her neighbors stole a peek from over their privacy shield, they'd spy him sprawled there, naked and half-hidden. They'd see Judith immersed in a good book, poised as if there was nothing unusual in this backyard scenario.
Smiling, Judith read on, in full control and loving every minute of it.

Hee hee. So dirty.

Check out the rest of the tour, buy the books here, and see what sounds these stories elicit from you.