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26 January 2009


Fist Me Baby, One More Time.

That's me the other night while Jeff was fisting me. I mean, okay, that's not really me; I'm a white girl and I have bigger tits, but that's exactly the way I react when four, then five fingers and then a fist are inserted into my girlhole: Back arched, hips pushed up, knees spread to take as much as I can.

First time. For him, not me.

He seemed a little shocked that his entire hand was inside me and then I rubbed my clit and came and it was crazygood, and when it got too much I whispered, "Baby, have you ever taken your fist out of a girl?"

He shook his head.

"Do it really, really slowly."

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Anonymous Mollena said...

I've yet to experience this one singular sensation (apologies to "A Chorus Line) but that is not for lack of trying...perhaps someday a person with even smaller fists than I've imagined will catch my fancy and get fancy in my fancy.

Thanks for sharing that moment...



Blogger having my cake said...

The whole idea makes my eyes water!

Blogger Riff Dog said...

Wow! I've never done this but I must say, it's been a long time wishlist item (as giver, not receiver!!! Ha!)

Someday . . . someday . . .

Blogger Shay said...

"girlhole" You know, I kinda really like that term ^_^

Anonymous female libido supplements said...

Only a babies fist can enter my fancy, I still don't have babies that's why I can't relate on this one, but it seems to be sexually entertaining.. I guess I better make my man enter me harder.

Anonymous Bella said...


Blogger The Duchess said...

Good advice...slowly..

Blogger Black Pearl said...

Now I have a new fantasy to add to my ever-growing laundry list of smutty smut...and I love the term "girlhole"!

Blogger A. Rose said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! Haha!

Anonymous Xpideo said...

Wow! amazing

Blogger e jerry said...

I remember the first time I fisted someone with these big ol' musician's mitts at the ends of my arms. I remember being just as awestruck when he blew his load without warning. I was still a bit squeamish about the whole thing, but I still think I was floating about 14 inches off of the floor just the same.


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