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08 February 2008



Apparently it's my third birthday. Or blogversary, as Viviane put it.




Three. As in, three years. Three-cheese. Three-part harmony. You get the point.

Fourth years seem a bit daunting. Like, you have to do big kid things like share and help out around the house and be more responsible for yourself. My fourth year will have me sharing myself in various guises on the interwebs and in print-like fashion. I'll help out some friends in their quests for greatness, all the while taking extra-good care of myself and my children.

Hey, guess what? My kids are fucking awesome and (thank god) none of their awesomeness has to do with their father. I mean, they could be total jerks and act out and be little assholes like some kids I know whose parents are divorced. When the first thing your new sitter says about your kids is, "Your boys are so well-mannered and polite," you know you're not totally fucking up as a parent.

So, anyway, three years have passed.

The hell?


Blogger Jefferson said...

I think the years move a little more quickly, here on out.

Blogger Curvaceous Dee said...

Happy Anniversary, Madeline! It's been a pleasure reading you the past few years, and I look forward to reading you for the next few as well :)

xx Dee

Blogger Viviane said...

Happy anniversary, my darling.

I marvel at the friendships, changes and opportunities that have come out of what we do.

And someday your kids will meet Auntie Viviane.


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