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25 September 2005


Diddle My Skittle

Saturday Night

I am at the end of my period, and it is the horniest cycle in recent memory.
I can’t keep my hands out of my lap.
I can’t stop rolling back and forth when I sit on my ball

I have a late-night IM with marcus
(he is not breaking up with me)

We are sweet and hot and missing each other
Quoting Eighties songs and cracking up.

I go into the bedroom after marcus and I sign off
I can’t see, but my hand knows where to reach for the
Rock Chick

I don’t turn on the vibe yet. I just rub the lovely little thing around my labia and clit, letting the underside press into my gspot.
Warming the purple silicone

My clit is swelling.

I press the magic button
Find my magic button

It’s not enough.

I roll over, leaving the Chick buzzing between my thighs, reaching into the toy box for my butt plug
It’s missing.
Fuck! Where the fuck is it?
I remember I packed it to see Jordan last week

I turn on the lights
Crawl over to the foot of my bed where the bag stands “Miso Pretty” with rope, scissors, lube, nipple clamps and butt plug lovingly packed

I shove my hand into the bag.
Pull the plug.
One pillow packet of lube
I can’t get it open fast enough

I lube the plug and my ass
Slide it in

It is not a small butt plug
Face down, ass up in the middle of my bed.
Rock Chick buzzing
Left hand between it and my clit

I am full.
Lights blazing
I should turn them off in case a child wanders in
I cum, then manage to stand on my knees and pull the light chain so the room is dark but the fan is blowing.

On my back, knees to my chest.
Both hands working
Fuck, this shit is the fucking shit.

It’s not enough.

I reach over to my nightstand and retrieve my silver mini vibe.
Turn it on and hold it against the base of the butt plug
Hell yes
Left hand working the Rock Chick against my outer lips and clit
Hitting my g spot.

So, so good. But still not enough.

I need to be fucked. Hard.
I lay the Chick aside
Orchid G to the rescue.
Plastic. Multi-speed. Long wand.
Lube on. Vibe in.

I start fucking myself with the G, working and twisting it up to my g spot until I’m going insane, my right hand still holding the minivibe against the plug in my ass.
I hear the sound of my juices as the G turns inside me.
Waves are crashing against my clit

Legs shaking
Back arching

Those totally delicious sounds of wet thrusting
So fucking wet.

Fuck, I need more...

One more drop of lube on my clit. Minivibe and fingers furiously rubbing
God, yes.
Fingers move down to the shaft of the G
Pull out the vibe
My left hand rolls around the entrance to my pussy.
It is lubed

And I slide it into my cunt.
Up to my wrist.
I am fisting myself and it feels so fucking good.

My fist is inside, rocking up against my g spot, wrist twisting and juice flowing and clit exploding and holy jesus I’m cumming with my face into the pillow.

I am wailing

My voice a full, throaty vibrato with the force of my orgasm.


I lie there for a few minutes, coming down. I retrieve my hand, Jefferson’s words playing in my head as I uncork a rich flow of girl juice from my pussy. I reach down and remove the plug from my ass.

I gather all the toys and walk to the bathroom.

There is a translucent, nearly scarlet fluid on my left hand and wrist. It also drips down my thighs.
That is so hot

I wash the toys and myself.
Then we all tiptoe back to the bedroom to dry


Blogger marcus said...

yeah, you all tiptoe back to the bedroom to dry. but what about me, now?

i'm all wet.

Blogger Meg said...

well, god damn. i was ready to go to bed, but now...

when people ask me what i want for my birthday, i might have to tell them the rock chick because so far, i've heard nothing but rave reviews!

i really need to get myself some toys to tide me over until i'm ready to have sex again.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

you need to dry off?
luckily you have that towel draped rakishly over your shoulder as you stand, poised to welcome another guest into the shower. ooh! ooh! pick me!

and meg,
i highly recommend the "cheap thrills" section at Nice, pretty things. And the Orchid G is only fifteen bucks. (It's nice and hard, just the way we like it.)
sweet dreams, princess purple pillow.

Blogger figleaf said...

Yikes! The Rock Chick wasn't enough? Maddie, you take the cake! German chocolate, my favorite, the kind where you make the cake from scratch with boiling water so it rises really high, and you toast the pecans and coconut for the frosting so it'll have extra notes of flavor and aroma... that kind of cake. You take *that* cake. I sort of want it back but, really, I think you deserve it more. :-)

Take care, and sweet dreams,


p.s. I'm so glad Marcus isn't breaking up with you.

Blogger RedHeadBedHead said...

A true arsenal of love gear ~ I like! Amidst all of these links to the toys though, you forgot to include a photo of the main offender ~ your hand!

What a hot account (as always!) thanks!

Blogger Jefferson said...

Dammit, my fears are realized.

You had the best sex ever without me.

Thank God my favorite author was there to document it.

Blogger Viviane said...

Jefferson, perhaps you mean best *solo* sex ever.

Cause I know what Madeline really misses is that
nipple twisting
groin poundin'

partner sex.

Blogger Stanley said...

Wow, this lady has quite a toolbox. And I'm sure Marcus fits in there too.

Blogger Olympia said...

I've never read a better review for the Rock Chick. Who can sleep after this? I need to abuse my favorite toy before for a while, before the Rock Chick displaces it...

Blogger plum said...

Wow! This is one of the hottest posts I have ever read. Mmnn.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ditto what plum said, and being at work, I have no way to deal with it until I get home!!

Blogger Madeline Glass said...


lucky for me i was at home when i wrote this, because i had to stop halfway through to, um, diddle my skittle.

...just a little.

Blogger BTExpress said...

WOW! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me! I really enjoyed that one. Purrrrrr.......OMFG!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a while, I need to come back here more often ...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

well, lookie here!
welcome back, defiant.
i missed your ass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said... i glad that i stumbled across this spot.
excuse me while i go upstairs and take care of a few things...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madeline, I'm interested in buying a vibrator for the first time (small in size and low on noise level). Could you recommend any? My boyfriend and I will appreciate any suggestions!! Thanks!

Blogger Jezebelle said...

goddamn madeline!

Blogger Frenchy said...

nice and hot! may i have another?bises!


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