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15 March 2005



I took my boots off outside. His carpets are white, and had just been steam cleaned. They were cold and wet. We stood barefoot inside the door, kissing, touching each other through our clothes. He kissed my neck and I literally gasped. It had been too long.

“Um, Thomas, is there anyplace in your house that doesn’t have wet carpet?”
“Yes! This way, please.”

He led me to the guest bedroom, where I had slept on our first date. It had been too late and I was too tired to make the drive home, so I'd stayed there.

The dog followed us.

We kissed some more, then he pushed me onto my back on the bed, lifted up my shirt and kissed my stomach, whispering:

“You smell so good.”
“Thank you.”
“I want your pussy.”
“Take it.”

He unbuttoned my pants, slid them off and took off my panties. I’d put them on for him. I only wear them for him. I figure it’s not a hard request to fulfill; the man likes sheer panties, I have sheer panties. These were pink with a mesh front and a y-string back. He laid them aside and put his face between my legs.

It was early afternoon, and the room was on the south side of the house. Light poured in through the windows, which were covered only halfway up. I brought a pillow under my shoulders and watched him, noticing the bits of red in my hair when the sun shone on it.
I pulled back my hood and he sucked my clit-hard and slow. I turned my head to the windows and came.

He picked up my legs and pushed me further onto the bed. He was fucking me. He spread my legs, keeping them straight; bending me in half so that my ankles were on the mattress at either edge of the bed. My hips were raised; the angle was perfect. I came again. Not so quietly. He pulled out.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Oh, goody!

It’s my favorite position because of the depth attainable, but also because I can masturbate erstwhile. Simultaneous clit, vaginal and g-spot stimulation…do I really need to say more? Plus, his hands are free to grab my hips, spank my ass or pull my hair. I said goddamn! (goddamn, goddamn...)

I’d been there nearly an hour and hadn’t had his cock in my mouth. I sat up and paid a nice visit. I knew we weren’t done fucking, and he wasn’t ready to cum, so it was more about me having a good time with his cock, and him watching and feeling good. I was lying between his legs, licking his balls and looking at him, when he sat up. He ran his hands down my back to my ass and said,

“Stay right there.”

He came back after a minute. I thought he had gone to get the restraints. We hadn’t done that for a while…I missed it. I was still facedown on the bed. He started kissing the small of my back, down to my ass. I heard the click of the lube cap. Oh, thank God! I tried to look back at him, but he kept my face turned forward. He lubed my ass and slowly pushed the plug into position.

He fucked my pussy from behind while my ass was taken up with the butt plug. It is the most intense orgasm for me. What can I say? Just fill me up. The only thing missing was something in my mouth. Hmmm.

I am shaking, but I want more. I turn onto my back. Throw my legs over his shoulders. He slowly takes the plug out and replaces it with his dick. I am looking at the paleness of my skin, the redness of his face. He’s staring at me. He can’t stop looking at my face as he’s fucking my ass. Enough.

We stop and walk to the shower.
The dog followed us.

I wash him and myself. I get onto my knees and swallow his cock. He fucks my face while I put pressure on his perineum, sneaking a finger back to his ass. I look up at his face. He nods. In it goes.

“Fuck! Aw, fuck!”

I massage his prostate- sucking, his hands holding my head- and I get a mouthful of cum. I smile, let it run down my chin, onto my chest. Slowly take my finger out of his ass.

Getting dressed, we chat about the rest of the afternoon. He’s going into work for a meeting, and I’m going home. We say goodbye in the driveway after he checks out my new car. I drive back to my town. But I’m not ready to go home.

I decide to take a detour to my favorite spot by the river. I photograph the downtown buildings in the distance, watch a pair of ducks swimming along, sit down and listen to a passing train. I phone a friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I think i love you

Blogger Jefferson said...

Keep talking, friend. You are drawing a road map to your body . . . and I am preparing for the journey.

Blogger NCTRNL said...

I've always wanted a woman to try that...but none have...sigh...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

I am considering a new career as an ass trainer. I have a willing student in Jason the College Boy. Perhaps I will start my own Assplay Institute for Boys and Girls. Whaddya think?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do i sign up? Can I stay in your room, or will there be dorms

Blogger NCTRNL said...

The dorms definitely would have some possibilities wouldn't they...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Boys, boys, boys. Your first assignment is to round up a passel of cowgirls.

And Jefferson: I think you may do well as our first guest lecturer. Might you journey westward? Manifest Destiny, my friend.

Blogger Jefferson said...

You have three willing pupils with Jason, Defiant and NCTRNL. And you now have a guest lecturer.

Better get cracking on the curriculum, ass trainer.

The cowgirls will never know what hit 'em.

Speaking of, NCTRNL: have you ever asked a partner to massage your prostate?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, will there be pop quizes n' stuff? I hope there will be alot of hands on labs ... So when will school start, i want to know when to start studying

Blogger NCTRNL said...

No, I can't say that I have ever had the nerve to ask. My loss I guess...

Blogger figleaf said...

I don't know if I'm too kinky or too vanilla but I'd like to see the landscapes you photographed afterwards. Context is everything. :-)


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