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21 April 2008


Product Review: Babeland Massage Candle

I lit the candle as a joke, actually.

If you know me, you know how much I like the hot wax play (none as much as the extreme and awesome time I had with Lolita on my birthday back in February). I like the feeling of being captive by my wax wielder, prevented from escaping the drips and splats and raining ooze of melted wax. How it runs down my sides, into the hollow of my throat, and liquidly pours itself into the folds of my labia. The way it feels when layer upon layer of wax piles up, holding my body's heat, keeping me still. I like the feeling of peeling the hardened wax from my body once it's over; the way the cool air feels light and feathery on my skin, which feels like it's just been born.

The thing about soy wax is that it melts at a lower temperature than paraffin, making the ladles of wax from Lolita's fondue pot and paraffin candles much hotter and more likely to burn if she hadn't known what she was doing. Soy wax can be poured/dripped/drizzled with much less concern (making the wax play, in my mind, far less fun and interesting), and can be massaged into the skin, making it nice for sensual massages, if you're into that sort of thing.

So, when a recent package from Babeland was revealed to contain a small square box holding a Mojito Peppermint soy wax candle and a tiny box of +/- matches, the most I could muster was, "Aw, that's so cute." I knew immediately that this was the perfect gift for Kelly, who'd seen photos of my birthday waxing, and while intrigued by the whole thing, he was not quite ready to break out the pots and ladles.

I lit the candle while waiting for him to come over. It had a nice, fresh, pepperminty smell. It smelled like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap, I thought, and so I liked it. I use that soap for everything, including showers in the summertime. It is interesting to me now, how I failed to consider that the tingly nature of that peppermint soap might also translate to this innocuous looking candle. I suppose I assumed that the fragrance was just fragrance, not essential oil of peppermint. Ahem, but I get ahead of myself.

When Kelly got here I sort of jumped him immediately, leaving the candle to burn for about 40 minutes while we fucked. When he asked if I'd like him to massage my back I practically fell off the bed to get to the candle. I blew out the flame, showed him how high up to hold the cup, and turned onto my belly so he could straddle my legs and drizzle the soy wax along the length of my spine.

It did feel great–the oil already warm and his hands gliding up my back–but when Kelly massages my back things turn pretty fucky pretty quickly. He moved up and rubbed the length of his hardened cock from the top of my asscrack to the small of my back and down again.

I sighed–not only was it physically awesome, but the whole room smelled really good.

I think we felt it at the same time, because we both said, "Uh..." then "Whuh?" then "Ahjeez!" He jumped off me and hopped from leg to leg next to the bed. My entire back and his cock and balls were lit UP with minty flaming action so intense I grabbed a bottle of lotion to spread over the areas, thinking in terms of a salsa analogy: water intensifies the burn, and I didn't have any bread.

Once things had calmed down and we were showered and dressing, Kelly began to laugh at the lingering tingle in his shorts.

"I'm sorry!" I said, "I never used this before!"

"I just think it's great that usually, I'm the inexperienced one and here you are, all skilled in wax and this is what happens."

I am glad to be the butt of jokes about this for a very long time, if he'll be as open to new things as ever.

On the whole, I like the massage candle's design: the glass votive holder has a flared lip so wax pours easily, it's not too large for a smaller hand to manage, and if the Mojito Peppermint is any indication, the fragrances are going to blow you away: in addition to the one I tried, there are Chocolate Hazelnut, Mango Vanilla, Rice Flower and Jasmine Ginger. I'm thinking that chocolate may be the way to go next time. My (used once) candle is now sitting under the seat in my car and goodness, it smells nice in there.

14 April 2008


My Naked Bits

...are on

It's a daily post, like a Twitter feed of sorts, but a collected digest, and it's all sex-related things I'm not posting on my actual Twitter. This is good news for my real-life friends who probably don't appreciate my naked-life friends being thrust into their faces and onto their handhelds all the time.

Short little bursts of naughty themed goodness every day, that's what I'm talking about.

You can still follow me on Twitter here, but for a look at what goes through my head (and into my orifices) on any given day, check out Naked Bits on the Village Voice's Naked City blog, edited by Audacia Ray. It's smart, it's social and it's delicious.