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10 January 2006


Focus & Resolution

“You’re fucking amazing. You have to call me when you’re back in town.”

It was 4 AM.

Viviane had come by with my glasses and flogger, both of which I’d forgotten at her place the night before. I’d spent the day half blind with Jefferson, hopping trains to Chinatown for dim sum and walking all over the Lower East Side.

She and I sat on the couch while Jefferson finished up some things on the computer.

“You know, marcus posted today,” she said.

“Oh?” Jefferson turned over his shoulder.

“Yeah, but don’t read it now, come and be with us,” she looked at me and, lowering her voice said, “Maddie, it’s about you.”


Oh, fuck.

Viviane quickly changed the subject, “I am starving! Have you guys eaten dinner?”

“We had dim sum at three, so we aren’t really hungry, but I could fashion something in the kitchen if you’d like to eat, Viviane.”

The two of them went into the kitchen. I went back to the bedroom and started undressing. I had a project I wanted to complete tonight.

I listened to the sounds of cooking from the kitchen, the “Oh, shake some cumin in…that’ll be good. Do you have sour cream?” as I took the lingerie out of the drawer and stepped into my stockings.

A local friend had given me a gift: black bra, g-string, garter belt and stockings. I dressed myself, taking time to savor the feel of the lace on my breasts, the g-string the hold-ups on the back of my thighs as I fastened the stockings into their clips.

As I stepped into my shoes and buckled the ankle straps I thought, “There should be a neighbor across the way with binoculars right now.”

The chatter from the kitchen had stopped.

I walked out to the living room.

Viviane was pantless, walking from the kitchen toward me.

“Hi, baby,” I said, kissing her and letting my hands fall to her hips.

“Holy shit, Madeline! That is hot!” She playfully snapped my garter strap.

Jefferson came out from the kitchen and stopped.

“That’s the gift? From the boy?”


“Good God. He’s got taste. Lemme see.”

I turned slowly, jutting my hip and looking over my shoulder.

The phone rang. Jefferson answered.

“Hey! Yeah, well, I’ve got someone in town visiting…yeah, she’s cool. Actually, there are two lovely ladies here tonight. Yeah, sounds good. Cool, we’ll see you then.”

He ended the call and looked at us.

“Who was that?”

“THAT was Donny. You remember Donny?”

“Good Lord!” I said, “Donny the straight boy model who likes you to fuck him?!”

“The very one!”

“Oh, SHIT!” exclaimed Viviane, “Is he coming over?”

“In a couple of hours. Is that okay with you two?”

“Can I wear my strap-on?”

“Honey, you can wear whatever you damn well please.”

“Well, I am definitely wearing the strap-on... you think he’ll let me fuck him with it? I mean, he did let Marla top him with the dildo, so…”

“I think that’s a fine idea; but don’t we need to take some pictures of you in that outfit you’re wearing first?”

“Hell, yes.”

“Well, Madeline in the Mirror, let’s get to it.”

Viviane acted as photographer while Jefferson arranged lighting. We decided that the best place to start would be in front of the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. Jefferson called out instructions:

“Bend your right knee…lean forward…arch your back…look over your shoulder…take that picture off the wall in front of you.”

Viviane snapped and snapped, we saved and deleted.

We moved onto the bed and added Jefferson to the mix. Posed shots, some candid photos I don’t remember her taking, all ended up on my camera by the end of the hour. Jefferson excused himself to shave and Viviane took some photos of me in my strap-on, its toughness offset nicely by the scalloped lace edging of my garter belt and panties.

A note about the strap-on fiasco from the previous evening: turns out that the Babelander who brought my new harness from the stock drawer had grabbed a LARGE. I mean, the thing would have needed to be completely retrofitted, more holes punched and ends trimmed if it was to ever fit. I am not a tiny girl by any means, but that thing was way too big. In my sober state that morning I had surmised the mistake. Only one thing to do: take it back.

We were closer to the Rivington St. store. As luck would have it, the same woman who helped me at the Mercer St. location yesterday was working at this one today.

I explained what I thought the problem was and demonstrated that this harness was definitely not the right size. “Oh, Amy must have grabbed a Large instead of the Regular…we can switch it out…do you have the receipt?”

I produced it and she made the trade. Now this one looked more like it. I thanked her and we left, a spring in my step as I swung the bag to and fro, "Lalalalala!"

Strap-on photos taken, Jefferson joined us in the living room and Viviane politely asked if he would fuck her before Donny arrived. I asked where the tealights were kept and set to lighting and dropping them into holders as they undressed in the darkened room.

I walked to the door, smiled back and left them to it.

I ate a couple bites of food from the skillet (black beans and rice…yum.) and washed a few glasses which had accumulated on the countertop.

Standing in the middle of the living room, listening to the heavy breathing emanating from the bedroom I started thinking about marcus. I wanted to read that damn post. Jefferson wouldn’t have minded if I’d used his computer, but the screensaver lock had gone into effect and I wasn’t about to ask him for the password, or to unlock it for me. I figured it could wait.

I shouldn’t get distracted by curiosity when a) the post will be there later and b) I am thirty minutes away from fucking a cute boy with my dick.

Still, I didn’t have a good feeling about it. Nothing to do now but wait.

I knew all about Donny from reading Jefferson’s accounts featuring Marla and Dacia. I knew that he was interested in getting fucked, but not in fucking. He gets his share of girls to fuck; Jefferson provides the stuff they can’t, with hot women thrown in for good measure.

I knew that Marla and Dacia were not terribly fond of Donny. Understandably. The boy cums and he goes. I got the impression from Jefferson that Donny was a bit of a cocky asshole.

Who was about to have my cock in his asshole.

I looked down at my tits swelling behind the black lace push-up bra, the tops of my panties framing the pad of the harness, the black dildo jutting out from my pubis and followed the stockings from their suspenders all the way down to the suede wedge open-toes with a big-ass holiday bow that I’d strapped onto my feet.

I laughed to myself, “I can’t fucking wait for this.”

Once Viviane’s moans had quieted, I walked back to peek into the bedroom. Our guest was due to arrive in 15 minutes and Viviane was putting on clothes.

“You’re leaving?!”

“No, dear, just dressing. I’ve never met the boy, after all.”

“Well, neither have I, but look at me!”

Viv smiled and said sweetly, “Yes, but I am not on the menu for tonight…that cock of yours is.”

Fair enough.

As we sat around talking, the apartment door opened and closed.

He’s here! Let’s let him come and find us!

There was silence. Several minutes’ worth, during which time I called, softly, “Donny! Donnnnny…”

“He is probably smoking on the terrace,” said Jefferson.

Sure enough, we heard the terrace door close and footsteps coming down the hallway. A tall figure walked quickly into the bathroom.

“Do you think he saw my cock?” I asked no one in particular.

Finally he came to the doorway wearing boxer briefs. His broad shoulders set off his slim hips, cut abs and that V shape leading from his hipbones into his shorts. Jefferson stood and greeted him, “How are you, man?”

“I’m drunk, thanks!”

“Donny, say hello to Viviane.”

They exchanged hellos.

“And this,” he said, gesturing, “is Madeline.”

“How do you do, Donny?” I said.

“Hey, Madeline,” he replied.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed it yet, but Madeline is wearing her new strap on harness tonight. She’ll be fucking you with it shortly. Is that alright by you?”

“Yeah, really,” he said, crossing the floor and standing in front of me at the foot of the bed. He pulled my neck toward his face and kissed me. Listerine masked the lingering taste of cigarettes.

“If I’d have known you were having a smoke I’d have come and joined you.”

His dick was hard through his underwear and he ran his hands over my lingerie, kissing, murmuring. Jefferson and Viviane were sitting together on the bed, watching.

“You look amazing.”

“Thank you,” I said, releasing his cock and leading him to the bed.

“Can we keep kissing?”

“Of course.”

I laid on top, kissing his mouth. He reached around and unhooked my bra, tossing it aside and pulling me forward, his mouth grabbing nipple and suckling. My stockinged thigh was rubbing into the underside of his cock and I reached down to roll my hand around its head. He sighed. My tongue traced its way to his nipples and finally his shaft. As I blew him I stole glances at Jefferson, who was making out with Viviane next to us. He looked at me and smiled.

I jerked the boy, sucked his balls and flicked his ass with my tongue. As I came back to his mouth he whispered, “Gah, this is awesome . . . Smoke break?”

Viviane was sucking Jefferson’s cock. He was well taken care of.

“Sure,” I said, and we walked to the hall.

“I’m gonna piss,” he said, “I’ll be right out.”

I went to the terrace door, throwing Jefferson’s fleece over my head, and walked out.

Donny’s cigarettes were lying on the table. I took one and lit it. Soon after, he joined me, naked. I handed him one and held the lighter for him. He stood there, freezing.

“So, where’re you from? Jersey? Connecticut?”

“Midwest, actually.”

“No, shit? And you came here to visit Jefferson? Wow. Well, I don’t know what he’s told you about me…”

“I know all I need to know. You’re a bartender, right?”

“Yeah, and work was such a bitch tonight. But this is a fucking awesome surprise.”

It was very cold. I was shivering inside the fleece. His teeth were chattering.

“Let’s go back in.”

We walked in to find Jefferson and Viviane walking toward the living room.

“What happened to you guys?”

“Smoke break,” I said, and smiled.

Jefferson looked at me, “Baby, you don’t smoke.”

“No, I don’t. But I don’t fuck many boys in the ass, either, so I can make an exception here and there, no?”

He kissed me, “Of course.”

Viviane and Donny sat on the sofa and Jefferson sat in the chair. I stood, feeling sexy underneath the pullover I was still wearing. We talked for a while and I asked Donny how he felt about beatings.

“I’m not sure if I’m into that stuff; I haven’t had much experience.”

“Well, I’m into it. And Jefferson is quite good at it.”

Viviane snapped to attention and handed the flogger to Jefferson.

He took it in his hand as Donny stood, requesting the fleece I was wearing. He wanted another smoke.

“That’s fine, Donny,” said Jefferson, “you can watch through the window while I flog Madeline’s ass.”

I braced myself, palms on the coffee table, ass pointed toward the terrace. Jefferson smacked me with the flogger as I sighed and wiggled. Every once in awhile I glanced over my shoulder at the boy standing outside.

When he’d finished he came back in, suggesting we return to the bedroom.

Donny had an agenda, and his ass was ready to be fucked.

I fucked him on all fours and watched as Jefferson did the same. I watched the movement of Jefferson’s torso above Donny’s ass, watching their hips pushing into each other; I kissed Donny as my baby was reaming him.

“He’s good, right?”

“He’s awesome.”

Donny had had enough fucking from behind. Jefferson instructed me to lie on my back. He moved around to straddle my face and feed me his cock. At the same time, Donny straddled my dildo.

I had my arms wrapped around Jefferson’s thighs, my head off the side of the bed. Donny caught a rhythm on my cock and started riding. I was so turned on by this; I wanted to watch the boy as he moved up and down. I moaned into Jefferson’s cock and pulled away to look.

He slapped my face, saying sternly, “I don’t see what’s so hard, Madeline. You have two jobs to do: suck my cock and fuck his ass. What is the problem?”

I started thrusting my hips upward while Jefferson resumed fucking my face. On a particularly hard thrust of my hips, the minivibe which was tucked into the base of the dildo started buzzing, pressing into my clit. Donny and I moaned in unison.

“Shit, kids, that is hot,” Viviane said, standing at the foot of the bed, blocking the glare from “Secretary,” which Donny had started playing, thinking it was porn. She and Jefferson kissed above me.

We took a break and Viviane left. Jefferson walked her to the door. I took off my shoes and unrolled my stockings.

“Madeline, those stockings are nice!”

“You like? They feel good, right?”

“Yeah. I love them.”

“I think you should wear them.”

I slid the stockings onto Donny’s legs and smiled, walking to the bathroom. Jefferson was splashing water onto his face.

He turned and kissed me, “You having fun, baby?” I nodded, “We should go back to the bedroom. Donny’s wearing my stockings.”

He was lying on his back, hands behind his neck. I moved between his legs to suck his cock. Jefferson pushed my knees apart and I felt his tongue taking long licks from my clit up to my ass. I hummed around Donny’s cock.

Jefferson turned over onto his back positioned himself under my pussy. I stroked Donny’s cock, letting the head slap against my tits. He grabbed me, kissed me hard and I felt his hand on my ass.

Was he going to spank me? That thought, along with Jefferson’s ministrations to my cunt, made me shiver.

He ran his finger along my ass and slipped it in. I gasped. I thought he didn’t do this. Well, maybe if he’s drunk enough he’ll do anything.

As Donny finger-fucked my ass, Jefferson’s sucking intensified on my clit. I was on all fours, my legs spread wide, my body lowered to Jefferson’s mouth, rocking forward and back, sighing.

I came hard, pushing the finger from my ass and giving Jefferson a face full.

“Jesus, girl, you are intense,” said Donny. I was still cumming and couldn’t speak. He rolled out from under me and went to the bathroom to shower.

Once the waves subsided, I moved down to thank Jefferson, kissing my taste from his lips, inhaling the scent of my pussy on his skin.

“I could really use a dick in me,” I said, matter-of-factly.

“I think that can be arranged,” said Jefferson, already prepping his cock and moving over me.

Donny came back to the bedroom and sat in the chair as Jefferson fucked my lights out.

“Yeah, man, that is hot.”

He was finished. We chatted as he got dressed, pulling his jeans and t-shirt over his taut skin. Jefferson put on pajama bottoms and Donny came to the bed to say goodbye. It was 4 AM.

All in all, it had been a pleasant evening, with Donny making a few remarks that would have pissed me off had I not been warned of this tendency beforehand.

The only one I remember clearly came when he was running his hand up my bare shin. He looked at me, totally serious, and said, “You need to shave your legs.”

“Honey, I don’t shave; I wax. But if you’re wanting something shaven, I could do YOUR legs.”

That shut him up.

After he was gone Jefferson came to bed. We held each other and he fell asleep.

I was itching to cum again. As I stroked my pussy I watched Jefferson sleeping, his soft snores blowing on my shoulder. I sandwiched one of his feet between mine as I got more turned on.

My breathing was heavier, my back arching involuntarily, the pressure of my fingers reaching the maximum. I was hot.

I kicked the duvet off, doubling it over Jefferson and reached down to my bag. I had brought a few toys with me and I smiled as my Orchid G emerged at the end of my fist. I turned the dial and laid it over my clit, the shaft clenched in my right hand, my left fingers resting on top of the bulb, gently pressing it down.

I’d had so much stimulation from Jefferson’s tongue and lips and my own fingers that it didn’t take long at all before my hips were raising up from the mattress, pushing my shoulders back into Jefferson’s arm, still flung across the pillows.

Circles of warmth spread through my pelvis, moans escaping through my nose. My legs were shaking and I was cumming, feeling the wetness collecting at the entrance of my pussy.

This was a good ride; I kept cumming and gyrating, eventually straightening my legs, my lips closing around the egg-shaped plastic head, still on my clit.

I extended my fingers down and stuck two in, keeping the heel of my hand on the bulb. I could pick myself up like this; like a bowling ball, my fingers curled up to my g-spot, moans uncontrollable now, hips thrashing, grinding up and around the vibrator.

I breathed deeply and let go, holding on, thinking I knew what was coming: a flood of juice to soak my hands and the sheet.

I howled and looked up as a spray of fluid rushed from my cunt.

I am a gusher. This is well do cu men ted. I cum like a freaking dam bursting. But I have never forcibly squirted ejaculate from my body… I’d told Jefferson once that it was a little goal of mine. He thought it admirable.

“Holy FUCK! Jefferson! Baby, look what I’m doing!!!” I slugged him, dead to the world. He groaned and readjusted. Goddamn, I thought, this is fucking amazing! And Jefferson was not going to wake up.

Too bad, I thought, I’m not stopping, cos here it comes again……

I watched as the spray arced up, illuminated by the blue light of the empty television screen.

“Fuck! Gah! Fuuuuck!!”

My clit was spent, my forehead sweaty, my body trembling. I turned the vibe off, came down from the intensity of it and sat up to look at the damage. The space under my ass was damp and the area near my feet was wet. I bent down to sniff the sheets. Odorless. High-five!

My fucking god, I just squirted for the first time ever.

Cross that off my to-do list for 2005.

Got that sucker in under the wire.


Blogger Viviane said...

She squirts!

She scores!


Anonymous marla returns said...

“Shit, kids, that is hot,” Viviane said, standing at the foot of the bed, blocking the glare from “Secretary,” which Donny had started playing, thinking it was porn. She and Jefferson kissed above me.

--Typical - Ugh.

Anonymous marla returns said...

“Shit, kids, that is hot,” Viviane said, standing at the foot of the bed, blocking the glare from “Secretary,” which Donny had started playing, thinking it was porn. She and Jefferson kissed above me.

--Typical - Ugh. (of Donny, that is)

Blogger Viviane said...

It's cool, Marla, I knew your comment pertained to Donny.

Blogger Curvaceous Dee said...

Sweet sweet damn, but that was fucking intense to read. Wow.

Blogger brat said...

Fucking HOT!

The whole scene was hot & I am terribly envious of the squirting. sigh :)

Blogger Frenchy said...

bonne annee , congrats and OH MY what a gorgeous picture! keep it up.

Blogger Jefferson said...

No matter what happens when I am awake, I often sleep through some mighty fine sex.

Anonymous laurent said...

And I thought the photo of Madeline with the strap on was for me. The backstory was crazy hot!

So Madeline, what is the thrill of fucking a guy up the ass? is the power, the imagery, the stimulus?

Blogger Charlie.Bucket said...

Gorgeous. Simply. Gorgeous.

Two questions -- you said:

Cross that off my to-do list for 2005.

So, what didn't get crossed off the list in 2005? And what's on the list for 2006?


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