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12 December 2008


Speaking of Pussy...

Last night I went to an office holiday party with a friend. It's a small office, a personal training facility, actually, and the party was at this bar I'd never been to.

Cool. So I take off my coat, get introduced to the "big boss" (who's like, 23 years old), shake his hand and compliment him on his choice of venue.

"I've actually never been here before, so this is great," I said, in a friendly, outgoing way.

His response: "Yeah, it's usually a much younger crowd in here, so that's not surprising."



The dude totally insulted me and the best bit was, he didn't even know it.

He was nicer to me later, when I was talking to his septuagenarian employee, Dick. Dick, who stood well over six feet. Dick, with his boiled wool striped Santa Fe vest. Dick, whose lank body leaned in toward mine while we talked, his kind eyes shining like a boy's. Dick, who was pretty taken with me, and with whom, truth be told, I was pretty taken.

It's nice being appreciated for your wits and your tits.

Boss Boy came up to Dick and me and tried to get in on our conversation, but his remarks were flat. Dumb. Inexperienced. Green, and not in the Ed Begley, Jr. way.

When I encounter boys like Boss Boy, I'm always relieved that I don't have to teach them about how to treat a girl. His stupid remark might have taken me by surprise, but it offered me an insight into his insensitivity and self-centeredness: He probably has no idea where to find a G-spot, and he probably has never made his girlfriend come by licking her pussy.

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