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18 January 2008


Site Review: Tony's Adult Cam Reviews

Several weeks ago Tony emailed me asking if I'd be interested in reviewing his webcam site, Tony's Adult Cam Reviews. Always on the lookout for fresh porn, I said I'd be happy to.

Hmmm, reviewing a review site?

Yes, as it happens.

TACR gives the novice and the seasoned cam voyeur a ton of information, from getting started as a voyeur, what to expect in a session, to how much (typically) you'll spend getting a quality lady. He'll lead the camshow virgin step by step through the process of free previews, signups and payment. He's clearly done his research (Tough job, eh, Tony?), and the comparison chart of some of the most popular sites is very useful. There's also a blog, which is nice for me, since I like to spy on people.

Tony is a sweetie and a giver. I believe he truly gets off on helping people in their quest for the ultimate camgirl. He's amassed a sizeable collection of cam sites and organized his reviews according to category and price for the discerning voyeur. There are fetish sites, straight-up live shows, and Tony's not shy about dishing exactly what's offered on each. There may be too much of a good thing, as there is so much information on the site which might be organized more efficiently, but if you're a Firefox user (and really, you should be, especially if you're surfing porn), it's manageable, if a bit cumbersome.

The one real qualm I have with is language-related, and truth be told, isn't confined to this site alone. I'm not talking grammar; since Tony's first language isn't English, I don't fault him for misspellings and the like (though I am tempted to offer my mad editing skillz to the lad). No, the issue I'm talking about is the way porn sites speak to the lowest common denominator of porn connoisseur.

I have an issue with calling female entertainers "bitches." There, I said it. "Bitch" in reference to a performer is just tough for me to swallow. These ladies (and I do like the terms "lady, "girl" and even "Sheila" for you Aussies) work hard at what they do, and they do it for the most part because they enjoy it. I mean, I can call myself a bitch, or say it to my friend in a friendly, girly way, but never to someone I haven't met. "Bitch" to me is like any other sociologically categorical term (take your pick, really). If we say it to each other, it's either mean or funny. If a dude says it to or about us, it's degrading. We ladies own that word. If it's part of the play, fine, but telling your readers to "check out horny bitches sucking giant cock" just rubs me the wrong way.

Hey, my review, my opinion. And I don't think most porn is degrading to women. I <3>the porn!

By the same token, I as a reader, take umbrage at being called an "asshole" or a "dumbshit" or a "dickhead." People who pay for porn help support the industry, which is getting smarter and more mainstream all the time. Online porn isn't cheap, and I think its viewers (myself included) deserve a little respect and appreciation. In my opinion, a little tongue-in-cheek "Gentlemen, I highly recommend the ribaldry of CollegeCamSluts" gives a site that provides entry into places where ladies rub their bits and suck on really big dildos a little extra class. Yeah, I said "class."

I mean,

You know how it is when you're sitting, all glazey-eyed at your computer, drinking your Mountain Dew and pulling on a Camel and all you want to do is find a hot cam site where you can yank on yer stiffie rod while some sweet-assed cumslut bitch rubs her swollen pink snatch and tugs on her humongous titties while looking into her cam your eyes and licking her lips as your spunk just misses the keyboard?


If you do, and you need a little help deciding which among the thousands of cam sites is the right fit for you, take a stop over at Tony's. His "Fetish Webcam Reports" link is also over there under Sex.

Oh, Hello!

I'm back! Know how the holidays can get a person down? Yeah, me, too. Here's to 2008, for which I've chosen "The Underdog" by Spoon as my theme song. It's appropriate, I think, because you just never know when this sleepy little girl is going to surprise you by doing something awesome. Always fear the underdog, my friends, or you will not survive. And buy Spoon's album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, would you? They're my pals and they are great.

Good things are happening this year, and I'll share them when I can. Thing number one is that I've been bitten by the blogging bug, roused from its hibernation, pressing me to rock this bitch of a blog into spectacular greatness.

So, without further ado, let's get to it.

Happy 2008, people. Make it great, make it count, or just make it through.