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23 August 2008


What Men Do

Some men break your heart without even knowing it.

This week's Sex Blog Roundup over at Fleshbot is dedicated to boy bloggers. These gents have the whole "get her wet with words" thing down pat, and I, for one, am saddened that one of my favorite male bloggers is bidding us "Adieu." Easily Aroused, I'mma miss you, baby.

Speaking of babies, I was babbling like one the other day, during a marathon lunchtime fuck. Not talking, really, but the occasional AhGodddddd did pour forth from my throat, possibly reaching the ears of my neighbor who likes to sit on his porch not far from my bedroom and smoke cigarettes.

Tell you what, I felt like joining him after Kelly left, but I had things to do.

Seems unfair that work should follow two hours of naked abandon, but I managed to breeze through the rest of the day. And everywhere I went that afternoon seemed clear and bright through my freshly fucked eyes.
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(If it's got a tambourine and is melancholic I will love it. Thanks a whole fucking lot, Yusuf.)

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Blogger Rogue said...

I envy Kelly. And your neighbour.

I'm pleased that you've been enjoying what I offer. Thank you for your kind support and references. I'd enjoy shaking your hand and leering into your eye one day.

I'll miss his work too.

Blogger Easily Aroused said...

Breaking hearts was never part of the plan, Madeline ... but it is lovely to know your presence will be missed.




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