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25 February 2008


Jane's Guide, Yay!

Just when I thought today was going to be one to drown in the swirling pools of liquor which will be my companions once my super grumpy and still-sick children finally are bedded this evening, along comes an email from telling me that my site has been reviewed as "Original" and "Quality."

For whatever reason, I sort of thought they didn't like me over there, since I'd submitted my site to them a couple of years ago and never heard back. No biggie, I thought, it's cool. I don't waste time and energy with cattiness or jealousy or worrying about whether people like me or not, you know that. And I can't remember the last time I checked my reader stats, anyway. (Bad blogger! Bad!)

So, what a pleasant surprise to read the nice things that Shay said about me in the New Reviews section:

Madeline's blog just recently celebrated its third anniversary, quite a feat for a sex blogger. She also writes a second, slightly less sexy blog called Mad Words and contributes to Viviane's Sex Carnival and the Perverts' Cookbook - so she's obviously quite the busy sex blogger and a well established member of the community. Madeline has a great writing style: she's fun, engaging, sexy, and at times poignant. You're going to want to bookmark her site. -Shay
Aw, you like me! You really like me! Thanks very much.


Blogger Ace said...


Blogger Curvaceous Dee said...

That's great news - congratulations! Jane's Guide reviewed me a few weeks ago, and I'm still getting a lot of click-throughs from it :)

xx Dee

Blogger Shay said...

The thing is, over at Jane's there's a massive queue of sites waiting for reviews, so sometimes it takes a while. ^_~ I was actually surprised to find you still waiting in there! Hope you're enjoying the fresh traffic!


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