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15 November 2007


Plumbing (I Feel Myself)

There's a plumber in my bathroom right now, tools and caulk and little chrome pieces littering the floor around my tub. This is a little bit good, and a little bit bad. Good, because the leaky faucet will be fixed. Bad, because the water is turned off and I have to pee.

Tom the plumber just told me that the bathtub really should be replaced, since there is water damage behind the tile. It's an old house, this stuff happens. That would be a large project, but I wouldn't mind so much because I just had a vision of the entire bathroom being redone. I would re-plaster and re-tile the walls and replace the ugly vanity and of course, add a big clawfoot tub from the architectural salvage place.

Then I could invite a friend over for a bath.


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