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10 December 2007


Wink (I Shot Myself)

It is so cold where I live that I'm committing a fashion faux-pas that would mortify my friend Katy (who, let's be clear, lives in TEXAS): I'm wearing a sweater-on-sweater ensemble. In the house. If it gets much colder I'll go for the scarf and hat and fingerless gloves look. I'm thinking ski lodge in Vermont, mmmkay?

I like my bedroom to be cool to avoid that "omg, I'm fucking in a sauna" thing that happens when Kelly and I have sex, and I don't mind the rest of the house at 73 64 degrees, unless I'm sitting at the computer writing. Because, even looking at pictures like this one, my toes are cold.

Aw, lookit Sequoia! She's like a little nymph on the mossy forest floor with her winky eye and grin. See, this is the stuff I like: cute girls with normal bodies and sass. Did I just say "sass?" I think I did. Anyway, this girl makes me hot. Also, hello, Freckles.

More incentive to go back to bed and warm things up under the covers, yeah?


Blogger Lily said...

Freckles, sass ... you sound just like Jefferson! Stay warm...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Funny, I think that the first time Jefferson expressed his affinity for sassy girls with freckles, I told him to get the hell out of my brain.

Blogger J & S said...

We like it cooler in the rooms - it keeps J from showering perspiration all over S. Or whomever is underneath him at the moment. :-P


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