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30 November 2007


Turning Japanese (FuckingMachines)

There's been a fair amount of it around here lately: Quickie Masturbation.

Used to be that I'd take an hour or more to bathe, oil myself up, slide between the sheets and stroke, knead and caress my way to a few orgasms. These days, though, I just haven't the time. More than once I've turned my head to look at whichever Automatic Lover has been whirring away in my hand and said, "Thank dog for fucking machines."

Recently the crew at made a trip to Japan, to introduce some pretty ladies to the machines. Being a fan of machines that fuck, I took a peek. Um, konichiwa like, whoa.


Blogger Peter and Jennifer Smith said...

Great site! I like that there's something there for everyone; no matter what your price range!

Anonymous better sex said...

Man those fucking machines are quite the turn on. I've got to get one for my lady. That Japanese girl is pretty hot too. :)

Anonymous Sly said...

The should get some Apple designer on the case, though, 'cause they look a bit too much like some geeky husband has built a dodgy fuckappliance in his garage.


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