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26 November 2007


Me and Lulu

I got a haircut on Friday. That is, my friend Vix let me come over to her house so I could tell her how I wanted her to cut my hair.

"You know," I started on the phone Wednesday evening, "I've been giving this a lot of thought."

I can say stuff like that to Vix because she's been known to phone me saying, "So, I was thinking about your hair on my drive to work today..."

My problem was that my hair was too normal: a standard chin-length razor-cut bob with soft bangs that to me screamed "low maintenance." And while I am fairly low maintenance emotionally, I don't wish for my hair to yell out "soccer mom" in its wash-and-wear, falls-perfectly-into-place utilitarian functionality.

I also recognize my follicular limitations: my hair does not bend, so anything requiring wrapping it around a heated implement would go horribly awry. Also, I am in that lucky minority of the non-curlyheaded: a hairdryer does not make my hair straighter or smoother; it merely dries my hair in two minutes. Therefore, I don't really need it. Good thing, because I am damn lazy about "fixing up."

While presenting my case to Vix, I told her that 1) I don't want to look like a low-maintenance soccer mom. 2) My hair's going to do what it does anyway, so why fight it? and 3) In my opinion we should "give me more bangs, Louise Brooks the fuck out of my hair and see what happens."

So here's what happened.

Turns out we look a lot alike, me and Lulu.


Blogger Lolita said...

I bet it is really cute.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Louise Brooks is one of the premiere icons of American culture, and you're in good company. She also was a tremendous slut who once told a friend "they kicked me out of Hollywood because I liked to drink and fuck too much."


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