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27 March 2008


Honeysuckle (I Shot Myself)

Yesterday it was really nice here. I was at my friend's for coffee and we started talking about gardens, namely mine, which is a blank slate at the moment. Oh, and my friend is a Master Gardener. Like, no bullshit. So, she'll come over and help me lay out a plan for my flowers and plants and she'll even give me some of hers.

When she took me to her basement to show me all the plants she had wintered over, a wide, shallow pot of succulents caught my eye. They were so lush and beautiful and I kind of wanted to squeeze into one until its juice started dripping out.

How many things in this photo make you want to do that?


Blogger The Millionaire's Anal Adventures said...

that is one beautiful blond in glasses!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Purple or lime might have worked better cause it looks as though you made period all over your coffee table. ;-)


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