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13 August 2007


Readers of this Blog, Lend me Your Ears.

Send me your interesting, your unusual, your mind-bendingly fabulous sexual positions!

I'm doing research (Really. No, really!) and I'd like to hear from readers about what unusual positions or locations you like for fucking. I'm really looking for out of the ordinary, so while I appreciate (and count as a fave) missionary fucking and standard cowgirl, I'm more interested in the others. You know the ones, when, in an inspired moment you shift into some twisted configuration and it feels so good, you wonder why nobody ever told you about it.

I want to hear it: the position as detailed as you can make it, and why you think it's so awesome.

Maybe it makes you come for eight minutes straight. Maybe you like the sound your bodies make when they smack together. Maybe it makes use of furniture or appliances, I don't know.

Email your favorites (no need to limit it to just one–go crazy!) to (at) You can be anonymous, that's cool. If it's easier, just comment on this post and I'll see them on the moderation page. Good? Good!

Go, get 'em in quick. No time like the present.

Thanks, and now back to our regularly scheduled smut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My personal fave would be one where I'm pounding you in the can. Every time I read your stuff it gives me wood.

Blogger unbridledesires said...

Now this could be fun. Will you post them after? Not that i will be using them anytime soon, though. LoL

Blogger unbridledesires said...

I really need a good way to describe this...hold on I will be back.

This has also given me an idea for my next post.

Thanks, hope you don't mind that I steal it?

Blogger Al Sensu said...

Anonymous, you are such a romantic!

Madeline, you already know my favorites, and if you'd like to try them out...


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