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10 July 2007


'S Wonderful

I've officially entered vacation mode. I have no idea what day it is, or whether we went fruit and vegetable shopping yesterday or the day before.

My children are brown, despite regularly scheduled applications of spf 45.

Sunday, while wearing my long white skirt I noticed that my feet are tan. The rest of me, too, but there's something about looking down and seeing the light brown tops of my feet lashed into triptychs by Old Navy flip flops.

That says summer to me.

My sunglasses are sludging along at the bottom of the lake.

Tonight, after midnight or pre-dawn tomorrow morning, or possibly both, I will nuzzle the neck of a blond southern fellow as we fit our bodies quietly together, the way we have done every late night/early morning since arriving here last week.

'S awful nice.

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Blogger Viviane said...

s'what I love to see!

Blogger Lolita said...


Blogger Al Sensu said...

He doesn't sound Jewish.


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