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12 March 2007


"...I'm From Buffalo" on Playboy Radio

Meme of Dirtyspoke read an excerpt from this post on Playboy Radio this morning. When she emailed me last night and mentioned she was planning on reading that post I thanked her and thought, "Good luck with that!"

It's not the easiest prose to read aloud, especially when you're not the author. Meme feels badly that the reading went less than smoothly. I haven't heard it, and I'm wondering if she'll post the audio at all.

Not easily discouraged, I saw a chance to rectify the situation: I could record the post myself. Click below to listen. Yeah, that's my voice. You like?

My fingers reached for his right nipple and gave it a tweak. He growled and threw my legs up over my head, diving in with his tongue. He doesn’t give the best head in the world, but he is earnest. He is, I think, a little obsessed with making me squirt, and I need more than two minutes of stimulation before that pulling and milking becomes a fun thing to do.

I kept his face there, showing him how I liked my clit played with–how the flicker-fast, barely touching hits of myfingerhistongue make my eyes roll back and my hips push up.

Finally I let him put his fingers in me. Just two. Or maybe three.

“God, I love that sound.”

He was up to the third knuckles on his huge fingers and I was growling, opening.

“Rub my. . . my. . . my clit. . . with your. . . uh. . . tongue”

I meant to say “thumb.”

He plunged his face down excitedly.

“No, no, no, I meant your thumb. Like this.”

He got it. Hallelujah.

“Shit, baby.”

I spread my knees wider and grabbed my tits as my back arched. His hand, wet with me, slid up my thigh, over my hipbone and all the way to my mouth. I took the fingers, one by one, sucking them clean.

“You do that so well.”

I was on my side. He was on his knees. It only followed that I curl underneath him and suck on something else.

I took his cock between my lips. I nursed on it like a baby. I slid it to the back of my throat and licked the underside up to his balls. I gurgled and he sighed. I looked up at him, blissfully watching his cock slide into my mouth as I grinned.

I think that often people misinterpret what constitutes a good blow job. I think people worry that they don’t suck cock fast enough or deep enough or porny enough. I’ll fess to head-shaking, ass-fingering, spit-sucking face fucks and gagging on a certain cock while its owner holds my skull flush with his groin until I pound the mattress and blow snot. But here’s the thing: I like long, slow, deep, soft wet blowjobs that last for three days. Enjoy that reference if you got it.

That’s when I’m in control. I let him fuck my face, but I made him do it slowly. I put his cock down my throat. I made his breath shake and his dick throb and his balls pull up and his mouth gasp, “Unnh, baby, I’m gonna come.”

“You’re going to come on my face,” I hissed, my hand on his shaft, thumb milking his dickhead as he covered my cheeks and hair.



Blogger marcus said...

"I think that often people misinterpret what constitutes a good blow job."

that's the problem. madeline, you think too much. just shutup and suck my cock, bitch!

madeline gags. marcus sighs. snot, tears, more... who gives a fuck.

mmmm baby, i miss you. i'd love to give a fuck, to you.

nice reading btw. sexy voice to boot!

Blogger Meg said...

your unnhs are my favorite unnhs of all the unnhs in the world.tio

Blogger Jefferson said...

To say that you write a good blowjob is like saying Joyce kept a good diary on June 16, 1904.

Blogger Frenchy said...

une performance merveilleuse par la fille qui merite tout le gateau! Thanks for sharing your voice.

Blogger Shay said...

even if it didn't go smoothly, it's still really cool to be on playboy radio ^_^

Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

madeline you came back!

thanks :)

also? that my favourite kind of blowjob as well although i slightly prefer the kind that end with a penis in my pussy instead...

and kevin costner was his hottest ever in that flick

Blogger Cain said...

Really fine Gabcast!

This was super hot, with a fine, sweet, sexy, voice.

~~let me sink into this again.

Loved it.


Blogger Res said...

Well. I'd say it's time to shuffle off to Buffalo!

~~You Rock! :)

See ya in the Funny Papers & Happy Easter!



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