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15 February 2007


Bon Anniversaire à Moi

Today is my real-life birthday. Also the birthday of my late grandmother. Also of my cousin Dan, who was born two hours before me.

I will be baking cupcakes for my party this weekend and opening the giftbag my boys tied shut this morning, making me promise not to open it until dinnertime. It's something from Bath & Body Works; I heard Miles reading the package to Jack in the bedroom just after they asked me to cut them a length of ribbon.

Rather than beg for gifts (Ahem!Hitachimagicwand!Ahem!) from you, dear readers, I thought it would be nice to give you something nice to gaze upon.

You like?

I like.

Since I decided to accept advertising, I've wanted to change the layout a bit to give the people who pay me to link to them a better choice of space. I also wanted to keep the text and ads balanced, pretty, and you know, uncomplicated. The three-column template was designed by Pam Blackstone, modified from the original Minima by Doug Bowman. I took my own liberties and voilà!

You'll notice some additions, and a few tweaks which will happen in the coming days.

See those two grey spots with entreaties to place Your Ad Here on Madeline in the Mirror? Click on the links and submit your ad for products or services via BlogAds. Or, if you'd rather, take a cue from and become a sponsor. Email me and I'll tell you how.

If you don't have anything to sell, but still would like to help support this site and pad my masturbation and travel funds, you can always donate via the Send Money button.

Oh, and there's a new profile pic.

Now, to commence with my birthday celebrations! There will be snow, cupcakes, fancy panties and a French bistro. Black boots, cigars, bourbon and, well, spankings.

Of course, Lolita gave me my first round of birthday spankings earlier this month, as seen in this photo. She's the "lucky sod holding the switch" as my friend Mon so eloquently put it. I happen to think that I was the lucky one. Well, me and the Fanboy.

I want to thank my friends for being consistently awesome; I promise to write about you soon. I especially want to spank thank Miss Meg, who held my hand as I entered the scary world of hand-coding templates and CSS and said, effectively, "Mads, just get it up already."

She's the sweetest, most fabulous friend and painslut ever.

Speaking of getting things up, I believe I'd like to take you back to the lake--lo, these many months ago--for some fine kissing and the most languorous of blowjobs.

They don't call it the Deep South for nothing.

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Blogger ~ Storm said...

Happy Birthday, darling Madeline. I so wish I were there to give you birthday spankings....q

Anonymous brunette babe said...

Dear Madeline,

we share a birthday, so bon anniversaire, buon compleanno, happy birthday to us!

Hope you have a great day.


Blogger Evil Minx said...

happy happy birthday, you gorgeous purple prosewriter you.

I will be accepting spankings on your behalf today, in lieu of delivering them in person.

love you!

Anonymous laurent said...

Happy birthday Madeline. I hope this year is a fufilling one.

And ill just have to keep those birthday spankings with the hope i can deliver them in person.


Blogger Viviane said...

I love the new template - it's very readable and accessible. Loads real fast. A nice contrast to the purple prose.

happy birthday m'dear. Many more, and many more spankings, etc. to come.

Blogger Lolita said...

Happy Birthday!

Blogger Meg said...

oh, you.

i'll be talking to you later.

and delivering your birthday package in person, methinks.

(oh wait, you mean i can just tie a ribbon around myself? damn.)

happy birthday, lady.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Why, it's . . . beautiful.

The new design ain't bad either.

Happy birthday, happy girl.

Anonymous sinclair said...

da-yum. that's a fine lookin layout if I do say so myself. the ads are very tasteful and thoroughly integrated, unlike some others I've seen where they are just one long column down the side ...

great new profile pic. and, um, holy crap, I'm seriously jealous of lolita now, that ass shot was just ... wow.

happy, happy birthday lovely girl, hope you get some serious & hard core celebration today.

Anonymous chelsea girl said...

Very pretty.

I like indeed.

Happy birthday, once again.

chelsea girl

Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

i like the way you've brought in ads, it's pretty and non-invasive and doesn't affect navigation. there are sites i no longer read because the ads are all painful and stuff.

i also like how you've split the links

also? happy birthday lovely lady.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madeline-I'm sure your little fellas are spoiling you as best they can. I've enjoyed reading your blog. norby

Blogger Goose and Gander said...

Happy Birthday. You have an ass I'd do illegal things for. Either to have or to hold.

Anonymous M said...

Kudos on the site revision! Well done. I am pondering doing the same on My blog.

Thanks for adding additional inspiration to get on it!


Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Thank you, everybody!

Sorry I can't stay, I'm packing cupcakes into the car.

Try to play together nicely while I'm gone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not wanting to spoil anybody's fun but is the new profile pic a little too revealing? I wouldn't say that i'd recognise you walking down the street but if I knew you...!
Or should I be even mentioning it? am I weird? I'm weird right? yeah, must be weird!
A very pleasent birthday to you and may there be many to come(!)


Blogger Monk said...

Why happy Birthday! Ping me, I have something for you.


Blogger MrManicDepressive said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You and I share the same date too 2/15! What a coincidence! Hope you had a great day!

Blogger Cigamybab said...

Was sup U Have Been listed @
Adult Blogger Blogs

A Link back would be Appreciated

Thanks Cigamybab

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Goddamn it.

Guess who is turning comment moderation back on?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are one hot mamma. wish i could see those spanking marks up close.

Blogger stephen said...

Nice ass tanned or not


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