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09 March 2007


Peep Show

You always knew I was sweet and gooey and virtually imperishable, now here's proof.

I'm on

Go check it out, and click on my photo:

The more clicks that photo gets, the longer this peep stays on the front page.

Come on, it's dorky but fun and marshmallow-y good.

Just in time for Easter.

(Peeps image via


Blogger wiserolder said...

What an adorable edible woman you are. I don't normally nibble on peeps, but I could certainly make an exception. Well done. I made sure to click a few times at 25peeps.

Blogger Viviane said...

I clicked, I clicked!

Foolish me, I thought that you had gotten a tattoo. Urp.

Blogger Lexi said...

This comment has been removed by the author.


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