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02 June 2005



Marcus called me last Thursday afternoon.

“Hey, I just tried to call Jefferson; what’s he doing?”

“Dunno; I think he may have a date.”

“Does he have the kids this weekend?”

“No, he had them last weekend. He has sex plans all weekend, I’m pretty sure.”

“Damn, I was hoping to drive up with the kids and hang out with him.”

“Oh, you two DO need a weekend!”

“So I wonder if his plans are for, like, all weekend long or what?”

“Last I heard, Meg is coming up for Sunday and Monday threesomes. I imagine Shelby will also appear at some point, but I am not certain; best to just ask Jefferson.”

“Well, let me ask you this: what are YOU doing this weekend?”

“Barbeque with the ‘rents on Saturday. That’s it. Nothing, really. You?”

“No plans—I really wanted to do something fun with my kids. You know, other than video games and movies…Hey! I have a great idea! You start driving toward me, I’ll drive toward you, and we’ll meet in the middle! I’ll call Jefferson and see if he can spare some time and maybe the whole group of us can get together!”

I am still getting used to Marcus’s spontaneity. In the context of fucking, it is a lovely quality; I share it. But in the realm of life, I am not a fan of quick decisions and last-minute plans. Last-minute decisions always seem like big decisions to me, and I am more comfortable with no decision at all if I feel pushed to the wall.

Don’t misunderstand; I enjoy taking risks, I just like to have some time to consider them beforehand. I made a somewhat risky decision to fly halfway across the continent and meet Jefferson for the first time.

I planned it six weeks in advance.

So, I tried to think of a reason I shouldn’t toss my boys in the car and drive ten hours to meet Marcus and his boys for the weekend. So many things to do beforehand: car serviced, laundry, packing, apartment cleaning (I can't leave a messy house for a vacation.), and so on.

Marcus managed to point out, facetiously, that the kids probably wouldn’t have any fun together, and that I was right; staying home and doing nothing was better than the possibility of an unfun weekend.


I get it. I'm being silly. When I have nothing standing in the way of a cool trip to someplace I've never been, why should I talk myself out of it? Especially since my boys have never been on a roadtrip, and boyfriend sex sounds much nicer than sex which is random or nonexistent.

I am glad to have a force like Marcus around me. He reminds me of the importance of fun for fun’s sake. He reminds me that I can choose the course of my life, and that every decision is not as weighty as I'd like to make it.

So we consulted with Jefferson, who didn’t have his brood, but who did have a lot of sex planned for the weekend. He was a little surprised by the suddenness of the proposed itinerary. Jefferson and I are more alike in our desire for structure and planning. Meg’s weekend had been planned for weeks, and Jefferson was host. He would not be joining us.

Friday morning I baked brownies, packed sandwiches, fruit, crackers and drinking water, got my oil changed, burned roadtrip cds, saw my last client, retrieved the boys from daycare and headed out.

I left the dishes drying in the drainboard.


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

i love last minute.. but of course i dont have kids.. so its easier for me to throw a bag in the car and go..

good on you for making your life fun!..

i like flying by the seat of my pants..

how did you like the ride?

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Baby, just you wait. The um, rides were good.

A Bientot.

Blogger Meg said...

oh, i got mentions in madeline's blog - how exciting.

ps. i've been reading you for quite some time now...i just haven't said hello yet.

so, hello.

Blogger Colton said...

My trade off between planning and spontaneity is to always have 3 days worth of clothes, and overnight gear in the car.

Can't wait to hear more, doll.

Anonymous NCTRNL said...

You couldn't have kept me out of that car...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Hi, Meg! You did know it was only a matter of time before you wound up here!

Cole, I seem to remember you kept gear in your car even in high school. I shouldn't know these things, but I kind of like that I do.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, NCTRNL, remember the ages of my kids...and the fact that their favorite cd this minute is "Wee Sing in the Car."

Sixty tracks long. Their fave?? Glad you asked.

Oh, I wish I was in the Land of Silly/Where I could be so silly-willy-nilly/With a bobba-lobba-lou and a willa-billa-bee/And a wibble-wobble-oo-bo-beel!!!

Anonymous marcus said...

my kids, being just a few years older than maddies, preferred to listen to louis xiv's "finding out true love is blind" and "pledge of allegiance" during our ten hour drive to her. ah, those children make me proud.


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