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09 May 2005


Aural Sex

If sex can’t be adventurous and fun, I’m-a kick it to the curb.

On Sunday morning, Marcus and I wake up early, despite the darkness of my bedroom. I get up, walk towards the door.

“Nice ass, baby. Too bad about those bite marks, though…”
“You are going to get me into trouble! Stop leaving your marks all over me! I have to pee.”
“Not so fast!! I’m coming with you.”

Yesterday Marcus knelt in front of me while I was pissing on the toilet. I had made the mistake of telling him my history of shyness while peeing. It used to take me an hour or better to pee in a cup at the doctor’s office when I was young. Then, when I lived overseas and went camping on a regular basis, it was a good year before I could bring myself to squat in the wilderness by myself; let alone with a buddy. So this bathroom audience thing was odd, to say the least.

We walk to the bathroom and Marcus climbs into the tub.

“Come on.”
“Ugh! No! No Way. It’s one thing for you and Jefferson to
piss on me. I cannot do this.”
“Shhh. Yes, you can. If you really have to pee it will come; eventually you will piss on me. It is so me.”

I feel really stupid, standing above him, my leg raised, trying to relax and let it come. No luck. I turn on the shower. Still nothing. Eventually, Marcus has to pee, so he stands up next to me and pisses on my belly and tits. I am not incredibly turned on, but I am more relaxed. I keep trying to pee by not thinking about peeing. A few minutes go by and he starts washing my hair and body. I am standing close to him and the warm water, just wishing I could let go. Finally:

“Okay, Marcus, I’m going to pee now.”

He gets down on his knees, and puts my foot up on the edge of the tub. I am holding onto the shower rod and the top edge of the tile for balance, because he is moving around down below. My eyes are closed, and I am pissing on his neck, his back, his head, his face. His mouth.

He stands up, smiling. "That was so worth the wait!"

I am really not getting this; he was so turned on and all I was doing was urinating. I'm happy it finally decided to rain down; I'm just glad I didn't get a UTI, for as long as it took. Seriously, it was probably 45 minutes. That's a long time to wait for anything.

I take my herbal body shampoo and a sponge. I start by shampooing his hair, then soaping his back and chest, reaching around to wash his cock and balls. His dick is hard. I rinse him with the handheld showerhead, and then pass it to him.

“Put this back, would you please? Oh, and back up just a little, toward the faucet.”

I guided him back with my hands on his hips, and then went to my knees.

Now, this is one of my absolute favorite things. Shower blowjobs. Easy to wet my mouth, and I can work up a nice amount of lubrication if I deep throat his cock a couple of good times. Marcus is nice and hard, and lets me work.

I am bracing my hands on the sides of the tub. He sighs.

“God, Maddie. That feels so good.”

I hum my response.

Oh! That’s another thing: Let’s not discount the aural factor: wet blowjobs sound amazing. And the sounds my vocal cords make as I turn my head slightly from side to side, taking his entire cock into my throat and say, “nnnnnnnnnnn,” not only sound hot, but I'll bet the vibrations feel awfully nice.

Marcus gasps and starts fucking my throat. I am sucking and sucking and taking his cock deep until the water starts getting cool. This is a first. I’ve never used up my hot water supply. Ever.

"That was an amazing blowjob...that'll give me fantasies for at least a year."

"Yeah, right, Mister I-Suck-Cock-For-A-Living."

I wash, and jump out so he can finish up.

We have yet to fuck today, and we’ve made breakfast plans. Time is limited, but I’ve promised to show him something I’d mentioned a couple weeks ago. I run to get my Good Vibrations catalogue, to show him a book which I am so excited about: PhotoSex is a collection of gorgeous art photographs of real people having all kinds of sex. When you see the cover art, you’ll know what I mean. It is fucking amazing. Should anyone decide to purchase it for me, I can assure you that great effort will be expended to recreate select photos and post them here.

Marcus nods appreciatively, and then tosses the catalogue aside. He lies on his back and invites me to sit on his outstretched legs, putting my straight legs on his shoulders, facing him. We hold on to each others’ arms and start rocking back and forth until we are doing full spinal rolls on the bed. This is a good warm up for the yoga to come.

He flips me around to the pillows and starts licking and sucking my clit. I am so wet, and moving my hips down on his face.

"More..Put your fingers in my cunt."

Marcus starts fingering me, bringing his two fingers up to my gspot. I have my right hand under my hips. My left goes to my lower abdomen and I start pressing down, feeling his fingers inside me. Take a breath. Release the tension which has built up in my pussy and pelvis. Imagine my pelvic muscles relaxing, the image of a lotus blossom in my head. I cum in waves.

Marcus is finger fucking me. More aural sex. So wet. It sounds really nice. I can't stand knowing that there is so much girl juice on his fingers and I'm getting none. I take hold of his wrist and bring it up to my face, licking myself off his fingers.

"Fuck, Madeline."

He grabs a condom, puts it on and starts fucking. My legs are wrapped around his waist, and I put my arms around his neck. We prepare for the spidey-fuck. He stands down on the floor and lifts me up, arms hooked underneath my thighs. He is throwing his hips and I am bouncing up and down on his cock, laughing.


I am not sure how this happens, but we stop fucking with his dick inside me. I let go with my hands, and slowly lower my head toward the floor. My legs are still held by his arms, ankles crossed behind him. I reach and place my hands on the floor. So here we are: He standing, um, erect, me in a full backbend and his cock pressing my g spot with every thrust. I wet his balls with my cum, yelling, "Ngaaaw!"

My upstairs neighbor probably didn't appreciate hearing me having quite so much sex at Eight AM on Sunday, but there was nothing I could do. I have done this position off the edge of a bed with my legs on a man's shoulders and my head on the floor, but never have I attempted the Freestanding Inverted Tarantula. My response was untested.


Blogger Viviane said...

Inverted tarantula? Didn't we search Google and determine that that's a wrestling move?!

Oh my. Oy vey.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Indeed we DID! Sadly, though, I haven't been able to find an image of said wrestling move.

I imagine it is the one in which one Wrestling Professional holds another by the legs (as described above), spins, and ultimately throws him or her down to the mat.

Sounds fun, but I think I still prefer the fucking.

Anonymous marcus said...

funny, i fuckin' LOVE wrestling... but i'll take fucking YOU anyday, maddie. in any way. damn, girl, is there a move you CAN'T do?

i think i've met my match.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Fresh morning piss? Well, that's just nasty.

But sex until the water runs cold? Hot.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Please stop begging to see my pussy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever interested in making a video


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