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18 May 2005



Monday, 2 AM


“Hey, what’re you doing?”

“I’m just lying in bed.”

“Are you sleeping?”

“Not now… What’re you doing?”

“Thinking about how much I want you next to me.”

“Hmmm, well, you came to my place last time, so I guess it’s my turn.”

I put a sweatshirt on over my boxer shorts and camisole, kick my feet into my flipflops and leave my apartment on the top floor of a century-old house. It is April. It’s chilly and already humid. I start my car and slowly back out of the driveway, careful not to kick up gravel and wake my downstairs neighbors.

He lives five minutes from me by car. At 2 AM it is probably more like three minutes. I park in the space behind his Subaru wagon. Walk down the outdoor steps to his basement apartment door. Open it and walk in.

I have done this so many times.

I cross through the living room and into his bedroom, off the kitchen. He is lying propped on his side, waiting for me. I shut the bedroom door behind me.

"Nice Shorts," he comments.

“You woke me up,” I retort, “you get what you get.”

“Come here.”

I walk over to the bed as he sits up, then stands in front of me. I let him touch my face, breathe my hair, kiss my forehead. He takes off my sweatshirt and tosses it onto the floor, running his hands down my neck and over my shoulders, finally bringing the backs of his fingers to my nipples. He brushes them lightly through the fabric of my camisole, kissing my mouth. He is such a good kisser.

He smells like man. I love the raw smell of man. Not overpowering; just enough to remind me of sex and sweat and cum and blood and power.

He turns me on like no one else.

I am breathing deeply... kissing, sighing. My clit is throbbing and I am pressing my thighs together. His cock is hard and making a tent of his boxers.

I want to be naked. I want to fuck.



He pinches my nipples as if to illustrate his point and backs me up against the wall, kissing me harder. Takes my hands from his waist and brings them together above my head. Pulls his head back and looks straight at me,

“Keep your arms like that. Don’t bring them down.”

He steps back and drops to his knees. Curls two fingers into the waistband of my boxers and slides them down until they fall to the floor. Parts my labia with one hand while the other slides up under my camisole, fingers splayed. Licks my slit.

I am biting my lip and moaning. My arms are tired from being held straight up. I relax a bit and bend my elbows, keeping my hands clasped and resting on my head. I am tilting my pelvis up to meet his lips.

Tongue and lips become nose (What this boy did to my clit with his nose, I’ll never know, but it was fucking amazing. Maybe that’s why I’ve since been partial to men with large or distinct noses.). He really spends a lot of time licking and sucking and finger fucking. I come. I am getting impatient.

“I really need to suck your cock now.”

“You’re right. But not like last time.”

“I thought you liked it last time.”

“I don’t want it like last time. It was too easy for you.”

I don’t know what to say; the last time was the first time I’d gotten his cock down my throat past my gag reflex and held it there. He has a really big dick. I didn’t think it was so easy.

He stands up, brings his fingers to my lips, letting me suck my cum from them. Takes off my camisole.

“Sit on the edge of the bed.”

He takes a length of rope and ties my wrists together in my lap. With another he binds my ankles, which are crossed on the floor beside the bed. The mattress and box springs are sitting directly on the floor, frameless. The ropes cut into my skin, but aren’t cutting off my circulation. He reaches behind himself and brings a blindfold. Covers my eyes.

“Madeline, can you see anything?”


“Are you excited?”


"Show me your tongue.”

I stick out my tongue, opening my mouth wide. He drops his cock onto it.

I start licking the tip, slicking the shaft, swirling my tongue until his whole cock is wet. He is standing with his cock in my mouth, not touching me with anything else. I am sucking and moving forward and backward with my upper body while bracing myself with my feet.

“Faster. Suck me faster.”

He puts a hand on my head and starts moving it and fucking my face. Forcing his cock into my throat. I am gulping air and relaxing my throat as best as I can. I start to gag. Tears are streaming down my cheeks, but I can’t wipe them away. He pulls out, and puts his foot next to me on the bed.

“Lick my balls.”

I tilt my head and find the right angle for my mouth to suck his balls while he’s jerking himself with one hand and keeping hold of my head with the other. I love pulling a testicle into my mouth and rolling it around like a jawbreaker, twirling it with my tongue.

“Unnh, fuck. FUCK! Suck my cock. Suckmycocksuckmycocksuckmycockgoddammit…”

I am sucking blindly. Loudly. Wetly.

He pulls out and picks me up from behind.

“Lean over the bed.”

I put my bound hands onto the mattress in front of me and he unwraps a condom. My ass is in the air, ankles still bound, legs straight and together, feet on the floor. I feel his cock against my pussy as his thumbs part my lips. He slides in, deep and slow.

I gasp--a long, soft, intense inhalation “huuuuuuhhh!”

A few more strokes like this and he starts pounding me. I have lowered myself onto my forearms and he grabs my hips like handles, pulling me to him, my ass meeting his pelvis with a slap every time he thrusts, hard and fast.

My face is buried in a pillow and I’m taking a bite of it. Animal sounds are coming from inside my body. I know they are mine because they are muffled by the pillow and I can feel their vibrations on my lips. I am arching my back and cumming, slamming myself back as hard as I can. He holds my hips; holds my body as close as he can. Stops fucking me. Our bodies rock back and forth together; the winding down of the roller coaster. Sweat is running in little streams down to the small of my back.


He unties my ankles, then my wrists. Kisses them. Takes off the blindfold. Kisses me.

I walk to the bathroom to pee. Standing at the sink washing my hands I look in the mirror. My entire upper body is flushed. I look amazing. I run my wet hands over my face and through my hair. Take a breath. Walk back to the bedroom and through the door,

Straight into a wall: The combined scents of man and woman. Cum and sweat. Blood and power. Sex.

I am nineteen.


Blogger NCTRNL said...

God damn girl. That's all I can say...damn...

Anonymous marcus said...

you were nineteen then? fuck... no wonder you're the way you are now.

girl sounds horny to me. pulling this shit out of her vault.

i'd like to get back into that vault myself.

Blogger Jefferson said...

So young and already willing to travel for the good stuff.

Blogger Viviane said...

You were nineteen? Sheesh. More from the vault!

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

marcus. baby.
jefferson. honey.

this girl is in the middle of the country, her boyfriends are way off to the right side, her alternate-she's-slept-with-him-before-and-she'd-do-it-again-especially-after-his-hot-sex-posts boy is on the upper left.

and marcus, don't you remember the vibrator i kicked to the curb when you were here because it SUCKED?

that was maybe not such a good idea...

i am online with a boy right now who wants to get together tomorrow. i am tempted to say yes, but since he has already declared his ass a no-fly zone, how can i accept?

given all that, i'd say i am primed for some action.

and it's going to involve travel on someone's part.

so there, my list of needs just grew. a toaster AND a new vibe. silicone. or plastic. no smelly jelly.

g-spot, please.

Blogger Jezebelle said...

Wow. That's definitely not the kind of sex I was having at 19...or now for that matter.

Blogger Colton said...

Awwww, shucks, darlin'.

I'm flattered to be included in such august company.

And starting to feel a bit "humid" myself.

Blogger confezzone said...

hi i like your blog...i love naughty and horny girls like you...pls can you add me in your blog list..bye.

Blogger Carrie said...

wow, that was very hot. nice. at 19 I would have been afraid...but not now.

Blogger Jessyka said...

I had sex like that when I was 19... of course, that was only last year ;)

Hi, I'm Jessyka. Just wanted to say hi!



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