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12 May 2005


Listen Up!

Yesterday I got an email from Tim of the Tim and Tony Show Podcast, saying that he is hooked on this blog and wants to recommend it in today's podcast. Wow!

You can link to it here and click to play the May 12 program. It's just a couple of guys drinking and talking about trips to Vegas, homebuying and, um, me.

Warning: The site is not safe for work. (Oh, right, like this one is...)



Blogger Viviane said...

Maddie's on a podcast! I'm kvelling. Will I have an aurgasm if I listen to this?

Blogger Jenna said...

Oh my, your fist and Marcus' ass are famous!

Blogger Madeline Glass said...


Way to carry a theme, Viviane.

And, yeah, Jenna. Those guys could not HANDLE picturing me fist-fucking Marcus's ASS!

Blogger NCTRNL said...

Geez. It didn't take long for you to get HUGE. I'm proud...

Blogger Jefferson said...

You may be the most famous person I have seen naked--I mean, after John Amos, of course.


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