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24 May 2005



“Mommma….. Mommmaaa….” The voice is small and creaky, searching me out through the dark apartment.

“Here, baby, I’m in here,” I had fallen asleep on the couch. “What’s the matter, Jack? What’s wrong?”

I sit up and hold out my arms. He crawls up and curls his body into them, rubbing his eyes. “MOMma……MOMma……”

“Tell momma what happened, honey…..sshhhh, it’s okay.” I am rocking him back and forth.

“um, um, um, the wind was, um, um, (gasp) um, um, blowing, and, and, and, and, it blowed me. It, it, it, it, (gasp) it, um, blowed me. The tor-NA-do.”

It is 4 AM. He doesn’t go back to sleep til 6.

Thanks a fucking lot, Dorothy.


Blogger NCTRNL said...

I had a HUGE complex about tornados when I was about 10 or so. I used to get so damn scared at night. I don't know why...Tornadoes rarely happen in the middle of the night...but I didn't know any better...

Anonymous Mitzi said...

My Mother is a Nursery School teacher... a few years ago she had a little boy in her class who was petrified of the wind. When out on the playground the beginings of a breeze would blow, the poor fellow would run, screaming "The wind! The wind!" and hide behind my Mothers legs.

I have think these young gents have point. If there is anything worth being truly terrified over, shouldn't it be the unstoppable power of that at times, cruel wench Mother Nature?

That being said, I shall hope your 4am "blown" awakenings do not become a regular event.

Blogger Colton said...

Wind is the devil.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation with my son.....and every time I lay him back down to sleep, he'd jump right up again terrified of the wind.

who's to know what's in the wind?


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