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04 May 2005



Marcus and I have an evening of sex planned. We shower quickly and begin to assemble the bedroom toys. Marcus takes them out of their boxes, inserts batteries and lays them out in the chair beside my bed:

Our purchases:
My Butt Plug
A Dual Egg Bullet Vibrator
A Ball Gag
A Blown-Glass Dildo and
A Bright Purple Strap-On

From Marcus’s Toy Bag:
A Clitlicker Vibrating Cock Ring
A bag of feathers
Nipple Clamps
A Blindfold and
Marcus’s Special Restraints

Knowing there will be extended assplay tonight, we both take the opportunity to clean our back doors. Marcus gives me an enema; something I really enjoy.

We decide that, since my usual role is submissive, and Marcus is versatile, I should be the top to start.

I step into my new harness, pulling the side straps tight and adjusting the dildo to a comfortable level in the front. It is purple (like so many of my sex toys, interestingly), and exactly the size of Marcus’s cock.

“Fuck, Madeline, that is so hot.”
“Yeah? Really? I want to see.”

I stood on the bed and got a look of myself in profile in my dresser mirror. Goddamn- I was so turned on! I immediately thought of Dacia’s strap-on photos and how hot they are.

In New York, at Jefferson’s place, I had held a dildo and fucked Marcus with it. I was a little nervous about this strap-on thing. What if it slipped while I was fucking? How will I know if it’s the proper angle or the right time to start fucking harder if I have no sensation?

No reason to worry.

Marcus is a professional. He lies down on his back.

I get the restraints and bind his ankles behind his ears. His ass is in the air. I am beginning to feel my inner Domme.

I start by rimming his ass with my tongue, tugging on his balls and pushing them up against his body. He moans as my tongue flicks his ass. This is the best part about topping Marcus; his sounds are so different when he’s getting fucked. I am very turned on.

I lube my fingers and his ass.

As I am warming him up with the fingers of my left hand, my right goes to his balls again. I squeeze them together and suck them into my mouth. With my tongue sucking his balls and my three fingers in his ass, he manages to say, “Okay, I’m ready...I’m ready.”

I remove my fingers and grab the lube. I slick it on his ass and my cock. I press one finger into his hole to guide the dildo in; remembering the angle and following it. My right hand is holding the base of the dildo.


"Ngahhh…ahhhh…awwww, yeahhhh."

I start moving my hips, watching his face and taking direction from his expressions and body. He asks me to fuck him slow and deep; pulls me as close as he can. The entire dildo is inside him and he is gasping as I grind my hips into him. I’ve got the rhythm now; it’s easy and fucking hot.

“Do you like that?” I whisper, looking at him sweetly.
“Me, too.”

I want to fuck him from behind. I take the strap from behind his neck and disconnect it from one of the ankle cuffs. He rolls over and I enter him again, harder this time. He pushes back against me and we fuck until he’s had enough. I am so into this and I hear myself saying, “Fuck, yeah!”

I climb down from the bed and go into the bathroom to wash my dick.

We break for drinks. I walk into the kitchen and pour two bourbons. I’ve seen the equipment in that room; something tells me a stiff drink may be in order.

We touch glasses and drink.

“Madeline, you’d better have another drink now, because who knows when you’ll get your next chance.”

I smile, drink, and feel the cold smoothness trail over my tongue and down my throat.

“Lie in the center of the bed.”

I put my glass on the nightstand and assume my position, watching him. He starts with my wrists, fastening the Velcro cuffs and lashes them to the bedposts. Same with my ankles. I am strapped, spread-eagle, in the center of my bed. I tell him my left wrist and right ankle feel a little numb and he adjusts the straps.

He kneels beside me, securing the blindfold around my head.

“Your safe word for tonight is ‘Baby Back Ribs.’”

I smile and nod, remembering the BBQ and biting my lower lip. He gets off the bed and I hear him leave the room. A couple of minutes later I am aware of him standing beside me. Ice cubes in his drink hit the sides of the glass as he tips it. I hear him swallow.

A feather is tracing my collarbone and traveling over my nipples, then down to my thighs. Repeat. Then there are two feathers, each in a different place, at a faster pace. How many people are in this room?! Sensory overload. I am squeezing my vaginal muscles to get some pressure into the area; I am so close to orgasm.

As quickly as they had appeared, the feathers are gone. Marcus is straddling my chest and I feel his dick against my mouth. I gather my saliva and open my mouth to suck. He starts fucking my face.

“Stop moving your fucking head, bitch.”

I hold my head still and keep steady pressure on his cock with my lips and tongue.

I am panting. More ice clinking, then his lips on mine, streaming bourbon into my mouth.

“Thank you,” I say.
“Say it again.”
“Thank you, Marcus.”
“That’s the last time you’ll say anything until I’m through with you. Open your goddamned mouth.”

I feel the hard rubber of the ball gag behind my teeth. Marcus tightens the strap behind my head.

“You need a new safe word now, Madeline. From now on, if you need me to stop, go ‘uh-uh-uh.’ Let me hear you do that.”

He slips one of the vibrating eggs into my pussy. Just inside. Turns it on.

“Is that okay?”

“Good. Now shut up and listen, you cunt. Do you know how much I’ve thought about your body in the last month? Wanting to be with you and knowing how far away you are? Do you think that’s fair? Wanting to touch this skin? These tits?”

He grabs a breast in each hand and starts massaging them, hard. He is using them as handles to move my torso. He starts slapping my thighs. He is more forceful this time than he was in New York. And he is much more vocal. The beating and degrading continues until I am cumming in waves. The more he abuses me, the further inside I pull the bullet vibe.

This duality is what does me in. The degradation and beating on their own result in a delicious ecstasy for me. Add a little electronic stimulation to the mix and it’s a powerful cocktail.

I am breathing hard, tears running into my ears, my legs quivering, nipples erect. He takes another swig of bourbon and, holding my cheeks, dribbles it onto the ball gag and it runs into my mouth. I swallow without the use of my tongue.

I feel Marcus pinch one of my nipples between his fingers and slide a nipple clamp on. Repeat on other side. They are connected by a chain which runs across my chest. They are pinching my nipples. Hard. I am moaning--breathing.

He moves down between my legs and starts rubbing my clit. I am seriously fucked with the clamps on my nipples, the egg in my pussy and now his fingers on my clit. He starts pulling on the bullet vibe cord.

"You really pulled this in, didn't you?"

I nod.

"Well, now it's going somewhere else."

He pulls the condom off, throws it down, and lays the egg on my chest, next to the nipple clamp. The vibrations almost send me over the edge.

I hear the sound of another condom wrapper ripping open. Is he finally going to fuck me? Lube on my ass. Finger over my hole.


Marcus starts eating my pussy. He gets me off a couple of times. Then he unbinds my ankles and starts to fuck me. While I'm wearing the butt plug.

Every time he thrusts his cock into me, I feel his balls hitting the base of the plug, up against my ass. He removes the gag from my mouth. Finally the blindfold comes off. My legs are wrapped around his torso and my arms are still strapped down. He is fucking me. Watching me.

"Sweet baby, there you are. I want to see your face while I fuck you."

He pushes my legs back toward my ears and fucks me deeply. I concentrate on letting go of the muscles around my cervix... I cum and cum. He pushes my legs off to my right and fucks me sideways. While slapping the hell out of my ass. I yelp, but he only hits harder. I train myself to resist responding, even when it's what i think he wants.

He finishes fucking me, and unties my wrists. I am spent; we both are.


Blogger Jenna said...

Wow...All I can think of to say right now is wow...

Blogger Jefferson said...

Perhaps I should take up smoking after all . . . this has me craving a cigarette in the worst way.

Blogger Colton said...

I think I'M fucking spent.

Blogger Viviane said...

That does it, no more reading this at work! This was so hot, no only did smoke start pouring out of my monitor (once again setting off the fire alarm), but the fcuking monitor blew up.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Dearest Jefferson and Viviane, follow me to the smoking lounge.

I was going to suggest that Colton and J get a room...but it sounds like they may already have.

Blogger Viviane said...

Madeline, you have a talent for getting me to snort beverages keyboard-ward. Cheers!


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