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18 April 2005



When I mentioned to Jefferson that it would be great to meet his friend Marcus during my visit, I didn’t imagine that he would go to lengths to ensure that I did; I had thought that Marcus would be a good person to meet simply because I had more in common with him than other people in Jefferson’s Cast of Characters. I figured that if things didn’t work out in the sex department, we could always talk about our kids. Plus, Marcus seemed very smart and funny and sexy. And Jefferson obviously loved him.

So Jefferson arranged for Marcus to come to the city. For me.

I was a little worried that things would be awkward or forced between Marcus and I, being tossed together like that. Would I feel like a third wheel? Would he? Shortly after his arrival on Saturday it was clear that I didn’t need to worry about that; everything clicked.

The sex was great. But we were better. The three of us—Jefferson, Marcus and I—were in sync. I remember at a point, standing in the Apple Store facing each other, talking about something or other.

(Remember the group game of holding hands in a circle, then passing energy around the circle by squeezing the person’s hand next to you? The point of the game is to get the energy moving as quickly as possible; so that it becomes impossible to see.)

That’s how I felt, standing there with the two of them; like our minds were on exactly the same plane and our thoughts passed from one to another without pause.

Sunday afternoon we went for dim sum with Mitzi. We naturally divided into couples at the table; Jefferson and Mitzi, Marcus and me. Once we went out to the street, Mitzi and Jefferson cruised ahead, while Marcus and I hung behind a bit.

We had all been walking arm in arm in arm since last night. Now it was just Marcus and me. We talked as we walked, trying not to lose track of Jefferson and Mitzi, who would stop periodically to search the crowds on Canal Street for my bright green raincoat. We covered the bases: kids, exes (In fact, I called my ex to check on the boys and to tell them hello), parents, religion, sex. My right arm was around his waist and at a point he moved his left arm from my waist to my left shoulder. My left hand reached up and held his fingers.

Is that when it started?

In the cab, after computer and sex toy shopping, on our way home, Marcus was on a call with a potential client. I sat between them in the backseat. I was kissing Jefferson and tracing his cock through his jeans. I looked at Marcus, who had already closed the partition between us and the driver. He pulled out his own hard cock, never missing a well-rehearsed beat with his client.

There we were again. Madeline in the Middle.

Back at the apartment Marcus shaved, Jefferson worked on setting up his computer equipment and I lounged on the couch. Marcus and I played in the bedroom. Jefferson gave up on the computer and joined us. Then we got presentable for Mitzi.

Sunday evening was not a regular sex party. It being my first such event, I should have been more anticipatory or nervous or something. But I was just very comfortable. A big reason for that was Marcus.

Days later, when Jefferson and I talked about the evening, I commented on how, if this had been a regular gathering, and my first, he wouldn’t have left my side. But with Marcus there, I was doubly protected and very at ease. And without Marcus’s help in fleshing out details, the following wouldn’t exist:

Once Mitzi arrived we all went into the bedroom; Jefferson and I lit candles and got condoms and toys accessible. Marcus and I were kneeling on the bed, Jefferson and Mitzi were in one of the sex chairs. Marcus gives Jefferson his Lesson on spanking, then takes up with me.

Jefferson and Mitzi are tending to each other in the bedroom. Marcus and I go to get water. We kiss in the living room. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts walking around the apartment, getting closer to the windows.

We giggle; this was not the first time we’d been stuck together like spiders in the last 24 hours. It won’t be the last.

There is a knock at the door. I jump down from Marcus and make a quick retreat to the bedroom, leaving him to greet Franz.

Mitzi is blowing Jefferson on the bed. I go to him and kiss him. He wants my pussy. I straddle his face and he goes to work. I cum, and then we switch places. I am lying on my back, Jefferson kisses me, knowing how much I like tasting myself. Mitzi starts licking my pussy, while Jefferson sucks my tits and fucks my face.

When we are in this scene, Marcus and Franz walk into the bedroom. Marcus makes introductions all around. I manage a wave to the gorgeous gay boy, then I’m back to sucking Jefferson’s Cock. Mitzi gets me off, then she’s off to the chair with Jefferson and the magic bullet double vibe.

I am lying on the bed watching Marcus and Franz fuck. Those two switch from top to bottom and back like it’s nothing! They go at each other for the better part of an hour while I go down on Our Lady of the Double Vibrators. Mitzi is reclining on the chair, I am on my knees in front of her, spreading her lips and pulling back her hood with my fingers while I suck her clit.

By the by: I don’t know WHAT some guys are complaining about when they say they don’t like eating pussy. How can you not like that? (Okay, I don’t understand girls who don’t like sucking cock either, but goddamn!)

Jefferson is eating my pussy while I’m eating Mitzi’s. I cum, then kiss Mitzi. Girl should taste herself, too.

I break for water, then get a good spot on the bed watching the boys, then the others. Jefferson and Mitzi finish, then he moves up to the bed. Now it’s all three of them, while Mitzi retrieves the eggs from her ass and pussy.

Finally the boys finish, and I walk up to Jefferson. I look him straight in the eye and say, “I think it’s time you fucked my ass.”

I hand him the condom and the lube while I lube my ass. I snack on Mitzi while Jefferson pounds me from behind. I want more; every time I try to push back into him he pushes me down into Mitzi. He starts lightly slapping my ass, using the technique that Marcus taught him earlier, bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I pull up from Mitzi and look over my shoulder, pleading with my eyes, nodding my head. “Now.”

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Everyone switched.

Jefferson and Mitzi go over to the chair and he fucks her face and pussy. Marcus and I get together for the first time since Mitzi arrived. I was in assfucking mode; I asked Marcus to do the honors.

It was a good fuck.

Franz was standing next to Marcus, watching. He was getting excited and said something about it being “really hot.” Marcus, ever the gentleman, asked Franz if he’d like to fuck me. Franz said yes.

What follows is a blur.

Marcus pulls out and immediately leans into my ear, “Madeline, Franz is going to fuck you in the ass now. Is that okay?”

I nod. He is already inside.

This tall, lithe European with the sculpted body, as I’ve posted previously, knows his way around an ass! He gets me into a rhythm and we are totally in tune; our bodies moving the exact distance apart and back together to make the best use of his cock. I am blissed-out, looking back at Franz, then down to Marcus who is lying beside me on the bed, watching and holding my hand.

The rhythm intensifies, Franz pushes me flat to the mattress and is pounding away. My right hand is being held by Marcus, my left reaches for my clit. I am masturbating, moaning fuuuuuck; cumming. Franz yells he’s going to cum.

Marcus and Jefferson are congratulatory. I didn’t realize what had happened until Marcus said, after Franz went into the bathroom to shower,

“Madeline, he came while he was fucking your ass! Do you know how rare that is for him?”

I kind of thought it was impressive that he came while he was fucking a girl. But whatever; I got the gay boy to cum with my ass!

I am spent and Marcus and I are recovering. Jefferson and Mitzi go into the other room. Franz has come back from the shower and I tell Marcus that I’d like to be restrained. He thinks this is an excellent idea, and since no one has been particularly dominant tonight, he is just the person to do it. Besides, after my last experience with his fancy restraints, I am ready to go further with him.

He fastens the wrist cuffs, and then connects them together behind my back. Now I am submissive.

“You want to be tied up?”

I smile, “Yes, Marcus.”

“Then pick up those goddamned condom wrappers from the floor.”

I start to move toward a torn foil square next to the bed. I maneuver into position, slowly lowering myself down so I can pick it up with my hand. I move toward another, then another. Once I lose my balance and fall against the wall. Marcus sternly tells me to get up and finish the job.

The others are coming back, and Marcus blindfolds me, and then moves my wrists above my head. They are connected to a rope and lashed to the bed frame. Same with my ankles. I am flat on my back and tied down. Marcus is in charge of my bottom half, while Jefferson and Mitzi take care of me from the waist up. Jefferson pours wax on my body and fucks my face. Marcus puts a condom on one of the vibrating eggs, and then puts it in my ass. He starts lightly slapping my inner thigh, up to my pubis and down the other side. He repeats this several times, increasing the pressure and finally ending up on my pussy; slapping my clit. He really lets loose. I have a huge orgasm. The blindfold is removed, and Marcus is kneeling over me wearing a leather mask, which he promptly throws off. It was a good visual.

I am unbound. Kissed. Coddled.

Marcus stays with me on the bed. He is focused on me after having caused so much pain/pleasure. I am still high from it. He puts on a condom and fucks me silly. At one point he is standing beside the bed; my ass is at the edge and I am on my back, legs in the air. I put my hands behind his neck. He brings his arms under my thighs and stands up. The man is fucking me standing up using nothing but his hips and gravity. It was like a goddamned ride at Disney World.

More Spidey-fucking. Then, with Jefferson watching, Marcus throws me back onto the bed, yelling, “Fuck you, bitch!” Then he turns and walks out of the room. I am laughing so hard.

Jefferson and Mitzi come over to work on my pussy again. I am learning that Jefferson likes that I’m a gusher. His fisting technique is very good, and so I am very willing to let him in. He shows Mitzi what he’s doing, and soon enough her fist has replaces his. I cum. A lot..

Marcus is intrigued, and compares hand size with Mitzi. Then he looks at me and asks, “Madeline, would you do something for me?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Would you fist me?”

“Oh! Yes, of course I would!”

We assumed positions, Marcus on his back, knees raised, me kneeling at his ass, lubing it and my hand.

“Madeline, have you ever done this before?”

(Was he fucking kidding? Have I ever stuck my entire fist into a person’s rectum? Let’s see…)

“No, honey, I haven’t.”

“Okay; we’re going to have a little instructional moment before we get started.”

Marcus. Always the teacher.

“Madeline, you’ll get through the first sphincter and then about three inches in you’ll feel a second wall. Just wait until it relaxes and keep going very slowly.”

I used my left hand, palm up and inserted two fingers, then three. I crossed my pinky finger across the other three, and then pushed all four further in. I felt the second sphincter resist. The intensity was starting to get to Marcus and he called for Jefferson to come to him. Jefferson sat holding Marcus’s hand, stroking his hair and saying, softly, “I’m here, baby. You’re okay.”

The wall gave way and I crossed my thumb into my palm, making my hand as small as I could. “Marcus, she’s up to her wrist.”

I was, and gently curling my fingers back. Rocking. Marcus was moaning, and holding onto Jefferson like a raft. I held Jefferson’s eye for a long time.

“We love you, Marcus,” I said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's what us librarians call a *teachable moment*...

Marcus, I think you were a librarian in a previous life!

Anonymous marcus said...

never had a previous life, dear - sorry. i'm living towards my future life.

and currently accepting presents.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of presents would you like?


Anonymous marcus said...



but thank you anyway, G. you hit the spot.

Blogger exile said...

worked him like a hand puppet!


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