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13 April 2005



Saturday, 8 PM
Marcus is corralling Jefferson and me.
“Come on! I’m hungry- let’s go out! I’ll pay. Madeline, do you like Indian?”

We agreed that maybe the fresh air would do us good. And we really did need to keep up our strength; this was turning into a fuckathon. But I was busy riding Jefferson on the bed. Marcus had gone to take a call. When he returned, I was curled onto Jefferson, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Hey! Let’s go!!”

I turned my head and saw Marcus standing at the foot of the bed. In an unusual stance. A warm stream ran down my back. Holy Fuck- he was pissing on me! It was the tiniest bit, but oh my god! I screamed and jumped up, he laughed and pushed me into the shower. I turned on the water and began to wash myself. As I stood with my back to the door, my face turned up to the shower head, I noticed another stream was hitting my backside. I turned to look. They were both standing on the bathroom floor. They were both pissing on me.

“Oh, my GOD!! EEW!” I have to admit, though, I kind of enjoyed it…li’l bit.

They joined me in the shower. We washed each other. They washed my hair. They were both so lovely. I absolutely adored it. We got dressed. I put on jeans, my boots and my t-shirt which reads: “I Do All My Own Stunts.”

“You most certainly do, sugar.”

We walked to the restaurant in the drizzle, looking so fucking good; their arms around my waist, Marcus and I using the umbrella since Jefferson had the foresight to wear a hat.

I don’t remember ordering. I don’t remember eating; only that I was ravenous and loving all the touching that was happening underneath the table. We took a cab home. Which is where we really wanted to be anyway.

“Shouldn’t we be drinking Marcus’ gift?” I asked.

Marcus had brought an expensive bottle of bourbon. We decided to open it and watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch in the bedroom. Jefferson had seen it before, but it was the first time for me. Marcus was an aficionado on all things Hedwig. I was blown away.

Movie finished, bourbon drunk, we start up again. Marcus and I take turns blowing Jefferson. Jefferson fucks Marcus. I ride Jefferson as Marcus sucks my tits. Marcus fucks me. Jefferson sucks Marcus’ cock while his ass is filled with a vibrating egg. Jefferson then hands me the dildo, prepped with a condom. The dual-egg vibrator is on the fritz; we’ll need a new one. I remove the egg, lube up, and fuck Marcus’s beautiful ass with the black silicone dildo. It’s a very nice dildo, and the first time I've topped a man.

I don’t know what time we stopped; spent and sexed. We all fell asleep in Jefferson’s bed. I bet we looked gorgeous.

Boys on the sides, Madeline in the Middle.


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