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08 April 2005


April Fools

My morning flight to New York was to have put me on the ground at 11:30. I figured the earliest I could possibly be at Jefferson’s was 12:30 or 1:00.

“Perfect,” he said, “I’ll take the kids to school and have time to get back and prepare for your arrival.”

I planned to sleep on the plane, since I hadn’t gone to bed Thursday night at all.

I left my house in darkness, driving the short commute to the airport, parking in the long-term lot and checking myself onto the flight.

The plane wasn’t full, so it was quiet. Even so, I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t nervous. I was impatient for us to finally meet face to face. We’d covered so much ground in our two months of chatting. We were completing sentences for each other. We were very hot for one another, but also very much at ease. We could chat just as easily about fucking as we could about cooking.

There was apparently one hell of a tailwind because the flight landed about 40 minutes early. I had the dull headache of the sleep deprived, which I had decided not to alleviate with caffeine. I’d rather be tired than dehydrated. I drank gallons of water.

I hadn’t checked a bag, so I was ready to go. I walked down to the Ground Transportation Exit, found a seat and called my mother. As I told her I’d arrived safely, I noticed how weakened I was from lack of sleep. I was actually shaking.

Shit. Jefferson’s not expecting me for another hour, but if I stay in this airport I might fall asleep or get a headache or both. I decided to take a cab to the city. I gave the driver the address, and then pulled out my phone.


“Hey, darlin’. How are you?”

“I’m fine! So what’s going on? Where are you?”

“I’m in a cab.”


“Yeah. The flight got in really (yawn), really early. And I just decided to head toward Manhattan. I am exhausted and I really didn’t want to be in the airport longer than I had to be.”

“Holy Fuck. I still have stuff to do before you get here!”

“Honey, you really don’t have to do anything for me; I’m so tired I wouldn’t notice one way or the other. If you’d like, though, I can go to a coffee shop or a bookstore and wait for you. Isn’t there a bookstore near where you live? I can go there and read until you’re ready for me.”

“God, but you might fall asleep while waiting, and I’d feel bad. …You know what? Fuck it; just come straight here.”

“Jefferson, it’s really no problem.”

“Just get your ass here already!” Then, sweetly, “Hey baby- you got a cab? All by yourself??”

“You are impressed with my ability to walk to a taxi stand and let the attendant call a cab for me? Whatever, man.”

He laughs. I smile, too tired. The classical music playing in the cab is putting me the fuck to sleep.

“Madeline, where are you now?”

“Ummm, crossing the bridge.”

“Shit! Okay, I’m hanging up now.”

I walk into the building, take the elevator to his floor and stand outside the door of his apartment. I am wearing my green raincoat over a black sleeveless sweater, denim A-line skirt and my zebra print cowboy boots. The boots are a running theme in our online conversations.

I knock.

The door swings open. He stands there all blond and cute in jeans and a black t-shirt I’ve seen before.

Jefferson: “Fucking-A!”

He takes my face in his hands and kisses me, pulling me into the apartment. I let my bag fall to the floor and start kissing him back. His hands are in my hair and he’s spinning us down the hallway to the bedroom. He pulls away from the kiss for a second, looks into my eyes like he’s going to swallow me whole, and then throws me onto the bed.

He pulls up my skirt, takes my black lace panties down over my boots and starts licking my pussy. I am impressed. And very hot for him. He gets me off, sucking my clit and fingering my g-spot while pressing into my lower abs with his other hand. I am propped up on my elbows, watching him. I want to taste myself on his mouth. We kiss, and he pulls me up to standing beside the bed. He is taking his clothes off, and I am finally getting out of my coat and skirt. My sweater and boots haven’t budged.

He rolls on a condom, and pushes me back down to the bed. Brings my booted legs up over his shoulders. Shoves a pillow under my hips. Holds one of my shins to his cheek while he fucks me. He watches me play with my clit while we go at it.

I am so blissed and horny. I am also physically exhausted.

“Goddammit, bitch! Move your hips like you want to be fucked!”

Oh, right.

After a bit he pulls out and goes back to sucking my clit. Spreads my legs wide, knees bent. Inserts a finger, then two, then three into my cunt. Squirts lube onto my perineum and lubes my ass. Slips in a couple fingers there, too. He is sitting on his heels between my bent legs, working both hands in tandem. Ups the digit count in each hole. I feel like I’m going to split in half. Once I get relaxed again, though, I can ride this through. I cum so hard I can barely move. I take off my sweater, leaving me in a camisole and the boots.
He goes to wash, telling me not to move.

“Come to the edge of the bed. I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

Oh, my dog.

I am, by this point, dripping with sweat; my hair plastered to the sides of my face and forehead. Completely sexed. I crawl over to him as he puts on another condom, lubes it and my ass and then pulls my knees apart.

His cock slips inside, way too fast.


He starts fucking me, hard; I can’t take it. My muscles have tightened up from the shock. It’s too much.

“I need you to stop, Jefferson! You need to stop!”

He does, immediately. Leaves to wash. I am whimpering on the bed, curled around myself, trying to regulate my breathing. He comes back, puts his hand on my cheek and kisses my wet forehead.

“Oh, honey- look at you. Are you okay, baby?”

“Yes- I’m sorry; I think my body just shut down. I haven’t slept.”

“Nothing to apologize for. We could both use a rest. Let’s take off the boots and get us some sleep.”

We slide between the covers like I’d imagined us doing so many times. He pulls me toward him. Soon we are sleeping face to face, our legs tangled together, breathing each other.

I wake up a couple hours later in the same position. I watch him sleep, then his eyes open. We look at each other for a good minute.

His eyes are very blue.
I wear no makeup.

“Yellow flecks,” I say.

He grins, “Lip freckles.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Make up applied---check, debauchery template---check, lock and load cats & kittens, it's Friday night!

Blogger NCTRNL said...

Here we go...the good stuff.


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