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07 April 2005



For a nice little description of the effects of endorphin release during rough sex go to

Saturday Morning

“I’m getting up,” I said for probably the sixth time since Jefferson and I woke at 5:30, lying in bed, discussing grammar and punctuation like the dorks we are. I swear it's true. You can ask him. “But could you just do me one favor?”

“Of course, baby.”

“Could you, um, bite me right here, between my neck and my shoulder?”

“Bite you?”

“Yes,” I pinched the top of the muscle between my fingers, “Hard.”

I was sitting up in bed. Jefferson sat behind me to the right. I bent my head down to the left. He had his right hand on my shoulder, his left arm reaching around to my sternum. He started slowly, gently easing his teeth into my flesh. First a pinch, then a burn, then an intense ache. I suck my breath, feeling the blood circulating to the area, warming and tingling. I breathe, relaxing into the sensation, feeling the skin get sensitized, and then a wave of pleasure washes over me. He increases the pressure and I start to moan, as that intense pain becomes unbearably good.

My eyes are closed, my pussy wet. No one has ever bitten me for this long. I think the bite itself lasts about two minutes. He keeps biting harder and harder until I stop him. Jefferson releases his mouth, and then slowly pulls back. I am panting. My eyes are watering.

“Wow,” I say.

“Goddamn, girl-that was intense. Have I finally met my match? A woman whose skin can outlast my jaws?”

“Thank you, sweetie.” I kiss him. His dick is hard.

I moved down to suck his cock. I will get up and shower, but not yet.

“You know,” I said, while working with my hand, “It’s a good thing Marcus is coming today; I really need to watch someone suck you off. Someone who knows what you like.”

“Oh, you seem to have figured that out….”

My head is bent into his stomach, and I am swallowing his cock as he thrusts his hips toward my face. His pubic hair is wet with my saliva and tears, and my finger is in his ass. I sit back to watch him cum. Amazing.

Afterwards—after he cums and I walk naked into the bathroom to wash—I look at myself in the full-length mirror on the door. There are a couple of bruises on my arms from being spun into his apartment and flung to the bed, a tender red spot on my left cheekbone from a well-placed slap to the face, and a raw spot on my chin from a combination of kisses, stubble and the occasional chew.

I turn to look at my right shoulder. The bite has welted up nicely. It is perfectly formed in the shape of Jefferson’s teeth. It is an angry purplish-red.

It is the first thing Marcus will notice when he arrives in an hour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fab little appetizer but do tell us about your face to face meeting on Friday. I'm sure we'll get at least five or six good stories out of this weekend of debauchery.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Thanks for your comment. The face-to-face will be posted soon; these things don't always resurface chronologically. All the better, I think, to experience this as Jefferson and I do- sifting through memories emerging from the haze.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...You know, the funny thing is that every person has a "Samantha" from Sex In the City in their lives. The person who they would love to emulate sexually but it just isn't in their nature. Jefferson is my "Samantha." Frankly I think you're on deck to be dubbed a "Samantha" as well. Your posts will help make a dull dreary work day go by much more pleasantly. Still waiting with baited breath...

Blogger NCTRNL said...

I am amazed at what I have left to learn about sex. These things amaze me...

Anonymous marcus said...

admit it, madeline - you didnt need to watch someone suck jefferson off. you needed a break.

ha- if you knew then what was to come...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marcus needs a blog. That cheeky monkey.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Welcome to Madeline's sex course, NCTRNL. I'm learning a few things myself!

Anonymous, I have told Marcus the same thing. That's boy's stories would curl your hair.

Your humble Samantha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How in God's name can I attempt to lay out a weekend plan of shameless debauchery without another story? I'm a wreck. I'm distracted, edgy and my boss is wondering if I need to go home. These stories are a template for my (sometimes imagined) naughty behavior. Will someone PLEASE post something!

Don't you just hate it when adult responsibilities (work, kids, etc...) get in the way of a perfectly good sex story?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm alternately envious and jealous, but that fades when I think of the transitions that we have in common (marital and otherwise).

Oh, and thanks for listing me on your blogroll.

-Depraved Librarian

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Oh, thank GOD for the Depraved Librarian! You are the best, honey! I'm going to try to post (been having server woes of late- sorry everyone.)

So, If we go into Friday evening without a post, please know it's not because I'm not trying.

But this is the first time I've even been able to post a COMMENT in almost 24 hours, so fingers crossed.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Isn't it interesting about the physiology of pain? I'll tell you all something else: it may be a little off-putting if you're on the provincial side, but listen anyway.

There are women who find labor and childbirth an ecstatic experience. And we get the same looks you're giving me right now.


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