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19 August 2008


Say Nice Things About Me When I'm Gone

If you don't believe in karma--if the notion that you'll get what you need if you're open to receiving it makes you roll your eyes--don't read this.

I have had a startlingly unpleasant week, and without going into details (sorry, internets), suffice it to say that the world wasn't looking so rosy to my pale blue eyes.

Then, today I found two (TWO!) really nice things written about me on Amazon, of all places. The first is by Maui Dude, who reviewed Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica and writes:

My favorite lead paragraph was provided by Madeline Glass in "Laser Tag":

"The first time he spanked me, I thought he was a pervert. The second time he did it, I wondered if I was. By the third time, I was certain that we both were."

Readers of this book might undergo a similar progression:

"After the first story, I thought Rachel was a pervert. Reading the second story, I wondered if I was. By the third story, I was certain that we both were."

Aw, thanks, Maui Dude!

This next one was just a totally random Googling of my name, which I don't do that often and, truth be told, but this time I was pleasantly surprised with, not idle gossip, but with praise for a grammar-Nazi post I wrote last year. HankMoody waxes about the use of superfluous and mutilated language:

While we're at it, I'm thinking we can also dispense with "anyway" and my particular pet peeve, the perverse "anyways."

My favorite blogger Madeline Glass had a great entry about this called "Heads Up, Folks: Politika Grammatika" and you can read about it here.

I love Madeline Glass!
Sources: Madeline Glass and my brain

Now, see? That was so nice! Random? Maybe. Effective? Very.

No more feeling blue for me. Two people who don't know me are (Gasp! Shock!) not concerned with my private life. I think they kind of maybe think I'm smart. And they favorited me. That's really nice.

So, thanks, gents. Even though one of you wrote what you did six months ago, I just found it, and it made me smile.


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