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11 August 2008


Power Couple (Sex and Submission)

For when you're feeling blah and you need a little cheering up, I present to you: Sex and Submission.

I love how she's the one collared and tied up, and he can't help being sorta mesmerized by her. And yeah, he's going to flog her, or maybe he just did, but clearly she's wielding her own power and, um, influence.

Also, I sort of have a thing for bald guys. Bald guys who could pick me up with one arm and toss me around if they wanted.

Mark Davis and Annette Schwarz

Her ponytail and high collar remind me of that video for the Tubes' She's a Beauty. Ahem.

But let's say you like the rougher stuff. Get Kink on Demand and download footage from actual Sex and Submission shoots, ball gags, butt hooks, spreader bars and all.

I'm feeling better already.


Blogger swordfish155 said...

thank you for picking something that i wrote for fleshbot...could you email back? i have a couple of questions about it. thanks


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