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04 August 2008



Sometimes when I'm bored or grumpy (usually both), I like to turn the teevee on and laugh at porn titles. This is well-documented in my Twitter feed. Recent favorites include "Filthy Hitchhikin' Sluts," "Who's That Slut? (5)" and "I'm a Cheerleader, So Bang Me!"

You should try it; it really works to lift the blues away!

Something else you should try is searching for videos on This morning I was feeling very warm and gooey and making out sounded like a lot of fun. So I went to the website, which I really like, because it's so organized and typed "kiss" in the search box.


Aside from the titles of the clips, which are great, SkinVideo's content is (awesomely) downloadable to your computer, iPod or PSP. It's Porno to Go!

Give it a shot: Their prices are damn low, there's tons of content in lots of categories--from Homemade to Unusual Insertions--and best of all, no flashy pop-ups.

Search 2,000,000+ Videos!


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