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15 August 2008



This week at Fleshbot looks at the words we use when we’re naked. Raw, amorous and filthy language somehow becomes more meaningful when we’re naked and getting dirty. I don’t mean to say that I’m such a nasty talking girl, because I’m not. Frankly, I feel a little silly when someone wants me to talk dirty and say things like, “yeah, baby, fuck me with your big thick rod.”

I mean, I just can’t. As much as I talk in regular life--and it’s a lot--during sex I’m not a big conversationalist.

But what I do say—what I am during sex—is honest.

Whether it’s telling someone how I really feel about them, or hissing, “If you keep doing that, I’m going to come,” or saying everything with only the expression on my face, communication just seems deeper and more significant when there’s fucking attached.

The other day, Kelly was lying on his stomach across my bed. I was kneeling next to him and massaging his lower back and then, because they were there, his asscheeks. Kelly’s ass is smooth and firm (Thanks, swimming!) and as I was kneading his glutes my fingers accidentally slipped down toward his balls and stroked the soft, downy blond hair there.

I couldn’t help it. I said it. “Baby, I love the hair on your butt.”

“Aw, stop making fun...”

“No, I mean, technically it’s the hair at the top of your inner thighs; is that better?” I raked my fingers lightly across it, right where his balls hang.

Then, to prove I was serious, I kissed it. Then I licked it. Then he flipped me onto my back and pinned me down and I don’t think he cared about semantics anymore.

But I do. I love that boy's downysoft butt hair.

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Blogger Lilly said...

I feel a bit silly, too, getting verbose. It's a reason why I'll never be good at professional phone-sex, because I couldn't possibly carry on such commentary! My experiences thus far with it on a personal level involve more listening on my end and of course moaning and uttering my ascent to orgasm...

I'm not creative enough, lol.

p.s. thank you for the mention in the fleshbot, kind lady! :) I always find out when I'm at work, and have no one to go squeal my joy to! lol

Blogger Rooster Crowe said...

Thanks for the mention in Fleshbot the past couple weeks. I myself love talk during sex, sometimes of the sweet nothing variety but more often porn-o-riffic stuff. In the cold light of day a lot of it sounds stupid (or worse), but at the time it's so very hot.

Anyway, thanks again for the mention. Always nice to be noticed.


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