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17 January 2007



I alluded to it last week, when you (you know who you are) bailed me out of a jam.

I'll be making some changes over the next couple of weeks, so I ask for your bear-with-me-ness.

I wanted to give you a heads-up about a couple of things, in the month leading up to the second birthday of this site:

1. Madeline in the Mirror very quietly crossed over the 400,000 visitor mark sometime this morning. Thanks to all of you who read at the site. I know there are also lots of you checking your RSS feeds and I thank you, too. It's been two years of very little promotion on my part, so I'm flattered and humbled that you keep coming back.

2. That said, I am determined to not rely on my former spouse in terms of financial support. Oh, I'll still accept his child support, I just don't want to need it so much. So, here goes. I've decided to open Madeline in the Mirror to advertising.

(She cringes a little)

I'm a fundamentally lazy person when it comes to self-promotion and a bit in a quandary when it comes to selling space on this site which reaches upwards of 1000 of you a day, as I sort of hate the whole naked-pictures-in-my-sidebar thing on a site which really began and continues to exist for the stories.

I promise not to clutter up your reading experience, and plan to promote products I use, sites and people I like and things I would recommend to my friends, whether they're perverts or parents or both.

I've joined Blogads, which will allow advertisers and you to buy up space on my site by clicking the Advertise Here link in the sidebar.

Again, just know, I've anguished about this a bit, and I hope it works out, because I am of the opinion that stasis is deleterious and that things should change and shift.

And if that isn't a damn fine allusion, I don't know what is.


Blogger Viviane said...

I think BlogAds is a good idea. Honey, you got some valuable real estate here and some captive eyeballs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on making the jump. If it's any consolation, I agonized too. Blogads rocks.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Don't agonize overmuch about making money doing something you do so well, and so devotedly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I can't stand those side-photos, but this world doesn't let us pay rent with anything other than money. As a parent, I make the best decisions that I can with what (few) resources I have. Good luck, and ultimately it doesn't matter what I, or any other reader thinks of your decisions, it matters if it is in line with your wishes and values.

That said, I have never believed that the ends justify the means: The means ARE the end. So choose your means carefully.

(still mumbling to myself--the mean is the end? The means are the ends?)

I want to thank you for sharing your skill of writing and critical thought.


Blogger Frenchy said...

je te souhaite d'etre aussi riche en argent qu'en talent. For the english speakers: may you become as rich in money as you are in talent.


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