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01 December 2006


Want a Piece?

So, Tom Paine (How I love that pseudonym) has posted a Virtual Top Ten of sex bloggers and well, there's no delicate way to put this: My ass is up there.

Tom wrote to tell me he'd posted my profile photo over at Polyamorously Perverse as Nicest Ass, along with his nine other favorite sex blog categories.

I much prefer admiring my legs and my tits to my ass, but if the sight of my thong'd and garter'd derriere makes you smile, please to enjoy.

Thanks, Tom.


Blogger Tom Paine said...

Glad you like the name.

If you're ever in town and would like to parade your ass and legs that you like more in front of an old perve, then I'd be happy to have a look at them. Us old guys (I'll be 270 next January) have to work with what we've got, and Viviane's photo is pretty damn nice.

And I'm in Chicago several times a year, if that's anywhere near you. Was just there last month with a lunchtime to kill and an expense account.

It IS a nice ass, there's no delicate way to put it-- and one thing I like about you, Madeline, is there's a side of you that's anything but delicate. More women should be so direct about what they want.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...


I think it's only fair to credit Jefferson with the Art Direction on that photo (read: Series).

After all, while Viviane was snapping ass magic for the masses he was angling lights, adjusting the mirror and telling me to stick out my bum.

And I say that ever so delicately.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Tell Jefferson I don't mind him borrowing the term "polyamorously perverse" to describe himself and his friends, but I'd at least like credit!

When do we get to see some more of that gorgeous real estate?

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Oh, man, do not MAKE me turn on Comment Moderation.

But seriously?

Polyamorous Perverts have been around for longer than any of us has been blogging. It's a catchy title for a blog (or a cabin at sex camp), but I kinda don't think you coined it.

Now, there's a statement that's dripping with truthiness.

C'mon, Stephen Colbert! Come and get me!

Bitch, yeah.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, some things are better said in email.

I think you must be an academic, you're so insistent on credit for that term. Humorlessness isn't going to get you laid.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Madeline, I doubt any man can MAKE you do anything. I have some ideas, but I'll leave them to the younger pervs. The reason I know he borrowed it is because he came by to comment on my blog some months back.

Anonymous, if I wasn't laughing at (and with) Jefferson's borrowing, I wouldn't have said anything to his GF on her blog.

But I will admit to being jealous of him, who wouldn't be? It is, after all, a very nice ass.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Oh man, the phrase "polymorphously perverse" is older than dirt.

At any rate, I didn't name the cabin at sex camp. I just report 'em as I hear 'em.

It's understandable that people are jealous of my ass. My ass is pretty fucking awesome.

Madeline's ass is okay too.

Now, you put them both in the same room, and it's an ass-travaganza.

(I coined that one.)

Blogger figleaf said...

Hey Jefferson, long time no see! (Actually it seems like yesterday but then I've got small children in school.)

Anyway, yeah, I'm pretty sure "polymorphous perversity" dates back to Freud. (Update, yup, it's Freud:

Finally, Maddy, I can't pick sides in this debate. You're all around admirable.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Jefferson, are you a lawyer by trade? ;-)

C'mon, you got Madeline, I just have my blog's title. The phrase "polymorphously perverse" goes back to Siggie like Figgie says. But "polyamorously perverse" is mine. Writers get possessive about what they originate, so you'll forgive my staking claim to it.

I'm flattered that y'all want to borrow the name. Really. As to your ass, my tastes don't run to men, unless it's watching them work on the women I like. But I'm sure that since Madeline could have just about any man she wanted, you must be quite something. I tip my three-corner hat.

Anonymous laurent said...

There should probably be a "best written" category. Maddy, yours is almost as great as your ass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honk if you slept with Freud.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Well, now I'm all confused. I don't think I've ever used your phrase--it didn't actually notice it's clever twist until now. The cabin was named "polymorphously," but not by me.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

My bad, I actually looked through your archives and found out it was "polymorphously."

Of course, blogger DOES allow us to edit the archives....

Seriously, I apologize, it must be my advanced age.

And maybe envy at your luck with the curvacious Madeline?

Could be.


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