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30 November 2006


Hot Chocolate

Snowstorms ideally mean snuggling all naked under a warm duvet with someone you love.

That's my favorite type of snowstorm.

That's not what I'm having today, though. While a massive storm blankets the center of the country with ice and snow, I'll be snuggling naked under the duvet with a device I dearly love. My children have a Snow Day today, which doesn't preclude my wanking, it just means I get to be creative about it.

I'm bribing the children with lots of movies, outside play and my famous Mexican Hot Chocolate. I'm hoping that the warm milk will cause them great sleepiness. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Hot chocolate inside, and cold snow outside. Mmmm.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Your ass made my virtual top 10, with Viviane telling me she took the photo.


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