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10 January 2007


Dearest Readers,

"I know it is trite, but you are rich in other ways. Those just don't pay the rent"

This comment from laurent just appeared in my inbox, and drove the final nail into what I've been thinking and feeling over the past three days.

I am rich. I am healthy and smart and I'm doing a good job as a mother. I know I am.

I have two gorgeous and brilliant children. I have dear friends who make me laugh. I have people in my life whom I love beyond words.

My profession, while it may never make me rich on paper, fulfils me mentally and spiritually. I love what I do. I can't imagine not doing it. For that alone, I am richer than most people I know.

I thank you, all of you sweet people who took the time to help me. I've got Jack back in school part-time and, apparently, a check in the mail from his father.

Speaking of whom.

This has never happened before--that he's not sent the boys' support check on time--but I'm not naive enough to imagine that it will never happen again. I've decided to implement safeguards against something like this catching me unprepared in the future. More on that later.

Telling me that I "need a sugar daddy" doesn't help, now, does it? No, and as I commented in response to that comment on the last post, what I need is for my children's daddy to be a stand-up guy.

Even more than that, I need to take steps to ensure that I can continue being a good mother while doing what I love and setting a good example for my boys.

It sucks that I can't count on Daniel. It is worse that his sons can't.

But I am lucky that I can count on many of you to be sympathetic and understanding with emails and concerned IMs. I am grateful for your generosity, both of pocket and of love.

Thank you.


Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

wow, i'm amazed that worked and i'm so grateful to the internet because things like that actually happen if we let them.

i too will never be rich financially but my rewards are so much greater. i teach pilates to broken people to make them feel better and i get to work in tights and a beautiful room.

i can't work enough hours in a week to get rich and i can't stand the mari winsor get right quick on the backs of those of us with integrity model so i'm kinda stuck with it.

but, i get taken to concerts, for pedicures, out for dinner, hugged, cried about (as in 'i'm so grateful i met you), blessed, thanked and otherwise appreciated every single day.

fuckin' right we're rich.

Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

*sigh* "get rich quick"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laurent really had a point, Madeline. In some ways you are wealthy beyond description.

And i'm delighted to hear that you have "decided to implement safeguards against something like this catching [you] unprepared in the future" If you ask me, Daniel deserves a good smack upside the head, and for someone (or a bunch of someones) to yell "What the fuck are you THINKING?!! These are your CHILDREN!!! You schmuck!"

And yes, too damn right I'm volunteering. I'll even do it in tongues if you like.



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