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05 December 2006


Interviewed at Chilli Vanilla

Well, if there was ever a week to get to know Madeline Glass, this would be the week--on the internet, anyway.

While my smart ass has been hanging out over at Tom's house, my smart brain's been rubbing up against Para at Chilli Vanilla. We finally coordinated our schedules a couple weeks ago for an interview and I let him ask me anything he wanted.

Then I asked him a couple of things.

Mostly I behaved.

You can go read the entire interview here, but here's a bit to whet your appetite:

PK: And what has you motivated now?

M: Well, I got bored just detailing my encounters. I like approaching the writing as writing, which happens to have a lot to do with some very hot sex. Anyone can write about sex I wanted to do it well, and see how that went

PK: More often than not. Much like your sex life, your writing is both fun and varied. You’ve shown a lot of freedom to write in that world between poetry and prose. How do you view your style?

M: My writing style, like my personal style, I guess is eclectic. Verbose, but stripped down when it needs to be I like playing with language and seeing where it goes

PK: You have a certain fatalistic sense of humor in your writing, that a lot of times comes out at the peak of a lot of your stories. What brings that out?

M: What do you mean?

PK: For instance, in your recent stories about William/Billy, you never quite seem to take it completely seriously, in spite of the unbelievable intensity of what is actually happening.

M: Well, I don’t believe in taking fucking so seriously. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable. William was fun, because he, like most people I’m attracted to sexually, didn’t take himself too seriously. It was intensely charged, but a whole lot of fun. Plus, I have a great sense of irony. (more)

So, yeah, it was a good time. Para was super-duper and dorked around with me, which I appreciate. I think it reads very well, and gives you a pretty accurate sense of how it is to have a conversation with me.

I'm coming up on two years of writing this blog, and I'm so glad that Para requested this interview. It seems a fitting way to go into the holidays and to approach the second anniversary of Madeline in the Mirror.

I love that many of you have become my friends. I love that some of you have become much more. Thank you for your concern when things have been rough, and for backing me up when I'm feeling all incensed and broken and shit. But mostly, thank you for reading.

Seriously, y'all, my heart is swelling.

I said my heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read the interview; you did a great job of keeping Para on his toes.

I admire that!

Blogger Desire X said...

Well, I don’t believe in taking fucking so seriously. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable.

Just like this interview. It was fun and enjoyable. Lovely job that you both did. Now I must go read more. I'm so glad I found you, this blog is a great read!

Thanks to you both.


Anonymous badinfluencegirl said...

*snicker* "i said my heart" hee

anyway i haven't read your interview yet, tomorrow is spend the day in blogland day and i'll read longer things then.

anyway i look forward to reading, para has great questions and seems to see things in the writing (mine anyway) that sometimes maybe the author doesn't see herself.

i'm cursious if that will be as true for you since you've been 'sex' blogging for longer.

Blogger Tom Paine said...

Looks and brains, what a combo.

Blogger Jefferson said...

The beauty of it is, the interview sounds like you, and that, you see, is the beauty of it.

Anonymous para said...

The beauty of it is, the interview sounds like you, and that, you see, is the beauty of it.

As if she could be made tosound otherwise!


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