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13 August 2006


Jordan Bound

Jordan: Hey, girlie.

Madeline: Hi, you. How are your exams?

Jordan: Oh, you know. Stupid. I'll be so glad when I'm finished with this stupid degree and I can get out of this stupid town.

Madeline: Poor baby, I know.

Jordan: What are you doing tomorrow?

Madeline: hmmm, let me check my calendar. Three clients in the morning, but not a thing after 3:00. You?

Jordan: Free after 2:00. Want to get together? I've been craving a woman's touch like you wouldn't believe.

Madeline: Absolutely. I'm on my period, about I come over and tie you up?

Jordan: Ooooh! Yes!

Madeline: Excellent. Call me when you're home.

I packed my bag: Red silk rope, safety scissors, assorted vibrators, lube, my strap-on and two dildos. I tossed my camera in as well.

I needed lots of rope, though, so the next day I left early to go to the hardware store. I bought 100 feet of cotton clothesline. As I was checking out she phoned.

"Hey, girl, I'm back from my hair appointment."

"Fantastic. I'll be there in just a bit."

I confirmed directions to her place and parked. I grabbed Patra's Scent of Attraction CD which I'd not heard in forever and tossed it into my bag.

Jordan opened the door and smiled. "Hey!" She has this singsong voice that lilts up with her smile. Her hair was straight, hitting just at her shoulders.

I stood by her sofa as we chatted, cutting rope to various lengths. I gave her the CD to put into the stereo.


"Uh huh."

We went into the bedroom and I laid out the lengths of rope across the foot of her bed.

"You need to be naked now."

She undressed.

I worked slowly, explaining what I was doing as I fitted her with a corset harness and wound her torso in rope. It was her first time being bound, and we'd talked about what she was comfortable with. I didn't want to freak her out or have her feel completely powerless, just to feel the hug of rope on her flesh.

I was on my knees in front of her in the middle of her bedroom floor, reaching around to thread rope ends under the corset and then pulling them forward to her chest level.

"I'm going to bind your tits," I said, "so put your arms out to the sides."

I took one of her breasts, weighed it in my hand and lifted it forward and center as I encircled it with rope and secured it to the corset.

I was aware of the incongruity of our present situation: Jordan was completely naked and I was in my jeans and black t-shirt, motorcycle boots and Jefferson's thick black belt. I was working and she was my subject. I was active and she was passive. Occasionally the scent of her pussy filled my nose and I sighed. I couldn't help it.

"That looks so good."

"It feels good."

I finished her other breast, tied her wrists behind her back and stood up, stepping away to look.

"Oh, girl. That's so damn hot."

I took the silk rope and wound it around her eyes. I led her to the bed and helped her up onto it. I took some photos as she sat patiently in the dark. I helped her lie down and snapped some more.

"Rest there for a minute, while I take care of something."

I went into the other room and picked up a dining chair, set it in the corner of her bedroom and laid a towel on the upholstered seat. I took her hand and guided her to the chair. I tied her ankles to the legs while sitting between her knees. I caught her scent again and pushed it out of my mind.

I took my flogger from the bag and brought it up to her shoulder, letting it drag across her neck and chest and down the other arm. I traced swirling paths over her stomach, thighs and cunt, lightly slapping her legs with the straps. It was the first time she'd been flogged.

She gasped and sighed and I moved the ropes bisecting her cunt to either side of it, exposing her pussy which was practically begging me to touch it. I traced along her lips to her clit, so slick and small. I moved up a bit, above the protrusion and in towards her body, feeling for the root of her clit, behind the bud itself.

Jordan sighed and flexed her hips, pushing her pussy forward in the chair. Her head was back and turned to the side. I picked up a silver bullet and turned on the controller. I lightly circled her clit with it and slid a finger into her slickness. With my finger inside, I moved the bullet to the root of her clit, pressing a bit harder right off to the side. She squealed. A few more minutes and she came, arching her back and crying out.

She was shaking, panting and smiling.

"Are you okay, sweetie?"

"Oh, god, yeah . . . but I think I need a break."

I removed the blindfold and untied her ankles. Her wrists were next, and bit by bit I removed all the rope from her body. She had only slight indentations around her breasts and upper arms where the ropes had cut in when she strained against them.

I went to get her a drink of water while she put on her robe.

We sat at her table drinking our water and talking when it occurred to me:

"Oh, my gosh, Jordan! I totally forgot . . . I brought my strap-on! Wanna get fucked?"

"Hah! Do we have time?"

I looked at the clock. In twenty minutes I'd need to leave to pick the boys up at daycare.

"Just. Let's go."

Back to the bedroom where the light was lower, changing from afternoon to dusk I unpacked the harness and cocks

I laid the two dildos out on the bed and told her to choose one. She chose the smaller, more angled black Acute and I put the peacock Buzz back in its ziploc. I stepped out of my jeans and into the leg straps of my Terra Firma. I slipped a non-lubricated condom onto my cock and struck a pose.

"Oh my Goodness," Jordan smiled.

"This is going to be fun," I laughed.

She bent over the side of the bed and took her Pocket Rocket out of her drawer.

"Just in case."

"Hah. Use it, baby. But give me a minute before you do."

I reached around and felt her still-wet pussy lips, dipping a finger in and lubing her clit. I brought my cock to her slit and slowly moved it down to my finger. I pushed it in just past the head and then very, very slowly, entered her cunt. Her hips pushed back into me and she sighed. I moved slowly, letting the dildo warm in her pussy, taking my cues from her shoulders, back and ass, being sure to curl my hips forward at the end stroke, like a man.

We built a nice rhythm, Jordan still getting accustomed to the feel of my cock inside her, adjusting her feet and hips while bent over the bed, my hands stroking down her back and ass and thighs, taking handfuls of flesh and squeezing. Her face was turned and she reached for the vibrator, lifting her hips up and turning it on as she brought her hand down and began to work the vibrator around her clit.

Her hips started moving faster, circling, shaking. I grabbed on with both hands and slammed my cock into her, pulling her back as I thrust up. I was looking at her back, moist with the beginnings of a sweat when the clock caught my eye. As I looked at the clock my head turned and I saw the bathroom mirror. I saw myself standing in 3/4 profile, my legs long and pale, ass riding high and framed by black leather straps and silver buckles. I'd left my black t-shirt on and I watched as my muscles flexed and the sides of my ass got sucked in with the power of my thrusts.

"This is what I look like when I fuck,"
I thought. "That is so fucking hot."

Jordan pulled me back as her moans got insistent, "yeahyeahyeahyeahthat'sitthat'sIT . . ."

Her body shuddered and she went face down, her pussy clamped down onto my cock. I stood still for a minute, my hand on her back, sweat on my brow.

"Hmmmmm . . . " Jordan smiled.

"Yeah, baby, that was good!"

"Girl, that was NOT good. Not at ALL good."


"That was unbelievable."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you live in my town?

You wouldn't ever consider moving internationally?


Anonymous laurent said...

I must say you are quite facile with rope and a strap on for a girl who likes to be the submissive one. The picture of Jordan was great; beautiful knots. Although of picture of you in that strap on would be way hot!

You are a girl after my own heart....and maybe a few other areas.


Blogger Jefferson said...

You do brilliant work. That may be the second hottest experience in the life of my belt.

Anonymous devi said...

i love the contrast of the silk rope on her dusky skin. stunningly sensual and artistic work. you took my breath away.

Blogger Freya said...

Oh it makes me so very sad that you don't live within "drop by" distance. Sigh.

Lovely work, dollface.

Anonymous Jordan said...

It was soooo amazing and wonderful being bound by you...both figuratively and literally. It is even more wonderful to read, see, and reminisce.

Thank you again.

Blogger marcus said...

just wondering, did you shoot in the condom, or later?


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