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15 June 2006


"You Want Fries With That?"

On Wednesday Thomas IMmed me: What was I doing around 12:30?

I smiled. Not a damn thing that couldn't wait an hour while he ate me for lunch.

"But wait," I said, "does this take the place of our date on Saturday?"

"I hope not," he replied.


I'd just showered and tossed on my cotton slip when he rang the doorbell. I let him in. His hands were in my hair the second I bolted the door.

I undressed him at the entrance, hanging his clothes on hooks and going straight down to suck his cock.

He stopped me, his cock stiff and pulsing, taking my hand from it and pulling me up to kiss me.

"I have something for you!"

"What is it?"

"Porn," he said, as he produced a pirated DVD from the shelf.

"Wow, thanks! I'll watch it tonight...unless you'd like to watch it now?"

"No, thanks. I'd rather have sex with you than watch other people doing it."

"Good call. Oh! I have something for you, too."

"You do? Where?"

"Back here, in the bedroom."

We walked back and I picked up the panties on the corner of the bed. They were white lace thong panties. I never wear them because they're terribly uncomfortable. A g-string is fine with me, but who gets off on having an inch-wide piece of elasticized fabric between their asscheeks? Not me, and I like things in my butt.

Nevertheless, they are quite pretty. I thought Thomas might like them.

"Put them on," he said.

I pulled off the slip and stepped into the thong, adjusting the sides and backstrap.

"mmmmmmm. That looks so nice. Sit on the bed."

I backed up to the edge of the mattress and Thomas lowered his face to my cunt, smelling and tasting my juices through the lace, talking about pretty pussies and asses. He looked at me and said, "What am I going to do with you?"

I looked pointedly to the chair in the corner, where I'd laid out the flogger.

"You need a flogging?"

I nodded.

I really did. More than an orgasm, which I can give myself daily, I wanted pain and the suspension of time and space.

The flogger isn't painful, but it does have a great sound, and the reddening effect it has on my skin is an added bonus. Plus, ever since I taught him to use it, Thomas has made several references to it, wondering when he'd get to use it again.

I stood bent over the bed, legs spread and he ran his palms over my ass, "Such a smooth, pretty ass..."

I sighed, raising up on my toes, aching to feel the first strike.

It came from his palm. The surprise made my breath catch in my throat. The burn made my cunt tingle. I was wet and smiling, my face turned to the side as it rested on the mattress.

He alternated between the flogger and his hands, remarking on the redness of my skin and the heat it radiated.

"You like it when I smack your ass?"


He pushed the thong to the side and I felt his tongue on my ass. I squirmed and flinched. It was so sensitive. But I wanted it. I wanted to feel the warmth and wetness and strength of that muscle circling and lapping at my opening, overloading my senses.

He probed inside, flicking me with just the tip of his tongue. I growled into the mattress and reached for my clit.

I heard him pick up the condom on the bedside table and tear into the foil.

"Finally," I thought.

He pounded me from behind as i held on for dear life to the mattress, which was moving farther and farther toward the other side of the frame and taking me with it.

He yanked me back and buried himself deep inside my cunt, holding the thong aside while he drilled me.

"Stop! Don't move!" I panted.

His cock was on my g-spot and my fingers were rubbing my clit and my eyes rolled back as I came.

He pulled out and came on my back, tossing the condom and jerking frenetically. I felt the warm, wet spurts falling on my lower back and shivered, too spent to move.

Thomas retrieved a washcloth and cleaned his load from my body.

I felt his fingers slip under the panties and he pulled them down over my hips and to the floor, where I stepped out of them.

He dressed, putting my panties into his pocket.

I kissed him goodbye, saying, "See you Saturday."

I tossed on a dress and hightailed it to the door.

I had a parent-teacher conference in ten minutes.

I was starving.


Blogger Freya said...

Well after reading that I'm starving. Makes mental note to pull out the flogger...

Anonymous princessc said...

More than an orgasm, which I can give myself daily, I wanted pain and the suspension of time and space.

Sing to the choir, O choirmistress. Well put.


Blogger Tri State Male Slut said...

My what an extraordinary woman you are---fantastic posting.

Blogger Al Sensu said...

beautiful post -- I love you making him stop and your contractions clearly put him over the top. great tension and hotter than hell


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