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21 July 2005


The Teaches of Peaches

As I was buckling the boys into their car seats last week, I was humming a song under my breath. I hum the naughty bits, and sing the clean parts when I've got the kids around. The song is Fuck the Pain Away, by Peaches. Marcus played it for me on our trip to Kentucky. The sound is industrial, techno and completely enveloping. It is perfect fucking music.

So the words go:

Suckin on my titties like you wanted me/callin me/all the time like Blondie/check out my Chrissy behind/it's fine all of the time/like sex on the beaches/what else is in the teaches of Peaches?/Huh? Whut? Right? Uhh...

fuckthepainaway/fuckthepainaway/fuckthepainaway/fuckthepainaway (Repeat and fade.)

But of course, I don't sing the sucking part or the sex on the beaches or the fucking part. But Miles loves when I do the Huh/Whut/Right/Uhh.

"Momma, how do you know the Teaches of Peaches?"

Someday, when I am dead, he will be like that poor son in The Bridges of Madison County who had to read his mother's journals.

I have returned from my time with Jefferson. I'm working on the chronicles. And trying to remember details from within my endorphin-charged, blissed-out mind.



Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

welcome home.. hope you have enough to keep you going to the next time !

and glad you had a good time.. but of course.. how could you not..

Anonymous Marla Jo said...

ah, the teaches of peaches - - fuck the pain away, also being my favorite, is only one in pile of great songs from her albums! Peaches is the shit...

Was great meeting you this weekend! I am sure I'll bump into you again, quite literally, sometime soon. :)

Blogger Wendy the Cavewyfe said...

I like your song better than the one my husband tries to get me laughing with:...'I want to kiss her but(t),
she won't let me.
I want to whisper sweet nothings in her (r)
Looking forward to your next chronicles. :)

Blogger Viviane said...


Dammit, write faster, Madeline!


Blogger Prospero said...

I'd heard of Peaches but hadn't managed to get my ears on that particulary CD until about two months ago. What a hoot! Definite guilty pleasure. "Twiddle my skittle." HAA!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

from the lyrics that you put in the post it sounds like the track from "lost in translation" when Bill Murray's character got 'stuck' in the strip club.

Anonymous andrea noir said...

if you appreciate that peaches song, try miss kittin's "requiem for a hit". it's not really that much alike, but it's sexy anyway.

Anonymous andrea noir said...

by the way, i just added you to my bloglines feeds. i'll be watching you...

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

*Madeline smiles*

Glad to know that there are people who want to have my big hard blog stuffed lovingly up their RSS!

(I totally pinched that phrase from Rentboy...I've been dying to use it!)


Anonymous andrea noir said...

hahaha, i'm glad i gave you the chance of using it then ;) welcome to my RSS by the way...

Blogger Evil Minx said...

"Someday, when I am dead, he will be like that poor son in The Bridges of Madison County who had to read his mother's journals."

Do you know how often I've thought that to myself since i saw that movie???!!!!


Oh, and the joy of archive reading is that i don't have to tell you to hurry up. Heh. *evil grin*


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