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27 June 2005



So here we are. Or here I am. And there you are.

You come at me, palms on my shoulders, pressing me against the wall. Your hands move to either side of my face, keeping my shoulders pinned back with your forearms. My lips are aching I can hardly breathe your eyes search mine. How long we’ve waited, I can’t remember, because in my head it is like we’re always together. You have to stop looking you have to kiss me you have to.

Our faces are so close; I can feel your breath on my mouth. I feel the low hum building inside you before I hear it; a growl that rises up from your toes and through your chest.

Your kiss is furious; potentate.

I want to move my head; want to run my lips across your face, down your jaw and neck, to your nipples and beyond, but I only manage a nibble on your lower lip. I only try once or twice more to move; but I--

like your hands holding me in place.

You move your lips to my ear. Whisper. I nod, my eyes welling with anticipation and my breathing quickening.

Undress me. Yes. Piece by piece. Like a child. Yes.

Your finger traces my collarbone as I shiver in the air conditioning and turn my eyes to the rope.

“I’ve waited a long time for this,”

I nod, breathless, “Please, hit me…please.”

“Turn around.”

My back is to you, my hands clasped behind it. I stand perfectly still, waiting, knowing. The rope touches my skin, crossing the top of my chest, pulling my shoulders back. You work slowly, methodically; every turn and pull and knot exact.

My arms are fully bound behind my back. The rope digs into my skin, but doesn’t hurt. It would hurt if I struggled. I don’t. I trust you.

I start to feel my consciousness letting go, the boundary between rope and skin disappearing. It is part of me. We are the same thing. I slip underneath my surface, watching myself from below.

Turn me around, back against the wall my nipples between your fingers oh your teeth on my neck my legs pressed together, holding, pulsing hips rocking fuuckk

Hand to my cunt, one on my throat, eyes staring oh I'm
on my toes, legs shaking fingers pushing, stroking, flooding, running fuck digging fuuck gushing unh, yeah, fuck me.


Ngah…Blind white light, face hot, …warmth spreading. smile …do it again oh please do it again. Unhh….i love you.

Push me onto my knees feed me your cock hold my hair fuck my face and fuck I can’t breathe I don’t care move my head pull me up by my hair throw me down on my side pull my leg up Fuck. fuck me my cunt is soaked and hot and slick I’m pulling you in and holding on Spank my ass I’m coming and coming and laughing and crying.

Come boy, come to me

kiss my tears (ssshhhhh, baby) Softly, gently.

Unbind my arms. Kiss the rope paths. Whisper. Eyes burn, blinking tears. Spoon me, right arm under my head. Left arm draped over my side. Breathing on my neck until morning.


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

Beyond HOT

Blogger W. S. Cross said...

Very nicely done, including blending photos and words. Are you a professional writer? I came over from Technorati, and I'm glad I did. Lovely avatar, too.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Can you talk a little slower, please? I'm taking notes . . .

Blogger Heavyskies said...

Holy Shit

Anonymous Guilherme said...

Waaay beyond hot!

Blogger Frenchy said...

petite chatte, Welcome home to yourself.thanks for sahring u RAW.

Blogger Viviane said...

Cheri, you were hot this morning! And now I'm bothered.

Blogger star_xed_lover said...

Wow! I could FEEL that.


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