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28 June 2005



My recent sublimation efforts have resulted in something wonderful: I found the USB cable for my digital camera. It had been taken to a safe place by one of my children. . .

The floor of their closet, which I uncovered today. No doubt, they were pretending it was a snake and buried it under the sleeping bags and stuffed animals.

So here are a couple of photos from my recent nylon fetish session. I was supposed to have gone to a bdsm/fetish party a few weeks ago, plans fell through and I ended up staying home.

But the goddamn stockings felt so good, I decided to keep 'em on and take pictures.

It's what I do.


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

I am having such naughty thoughts..

like.. licking you from the tips of your toes.. to the tops of those stockings..

Anonymous NCTRNL said...

Good LAWD woman...

Anonymous Sydney said...


Your writing is sweet, and your blog is hot and smart. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think you are so lovely.


Blogger figleaf said...

Hi Madeline,

The first photo is classic loveliness. The second is invitingly erotic. I'm starting to really enjoy artisans who craft their own porn. (It's so much nicer, and than the cranked out industrial porn that gives the form such a bad reputation.)

Blogger joy said...

Gorgeous! Your nylon stocking photos are almost enough to make me reconsider my heterosexuality.

Blogger Jefferson said...

Honest to dog, I don't see how you walk past mirrors without breaking your own heart.

Blogger Viviane said...

So lovely. and hot!

Blogger W. S. Cross said...

Beautiful. Very well-done.

Blogger Heavyskies said...

I want to come back in my next life as your stockings

Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

"I want to come back in my next life as your stockings"

why didnt i think to say THAT!

Blogger Jenna said...

Yes, the stockings are awesome. But am I the only one who can't stop looking at your gorgeous hair? The color? The texture?

Maybe it's just me and my hair fetish...

Blogger Heavyskies said...

Holy ass, Jenna's right! You're hair looks like one of those womens hair off a shampoo comercial.

Blogger Madeline Glass said...

Well, this is a first. I was getting off looking at the stockings. Now I'm thinking about my hair. I should tell you that my stylist, A. is reading this blog tonight. Props to her on the hair. She fucking rocks.

Now, if I could only find someone to accurately describe it with the attention to detail that a true fetishist requires...

We'll work on that one.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.


Blogger Jezebelle said...

Wow..those are beautiful Madeline :)


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