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09 June 2005



We arrive back at the hotel after the Beatles festival; two of the four boys had fallen asleep in the car. It is early evening and we are planning on a late dinner. We settle the boys in for a short nap. Marcus lies down with his oldest, Max, who is tired and has a headache. My boys are on the floor, crashed on their sleeping bags. Adam, the youngest, has made himself a place to rest in front of the tv.

I am hot and sweaty from being out all day. It feels like the entire city has deposited itself on my skin; it is sticky and grimy. I walk into the boys’ room and lightly touch Marcus’s foot.

“Marcus, I’m going to take a shower; I feel so gross.”

“Oh, okay,” he looks up from the pillow next to Max.

In our room, I peel off my clothes, noting the slight sunburn on my chest and neck in the mirror. I lean close, counting freckles across my face; this is something I’ve done since I was old enough to remember. My scalp is pink where my hair parts. “Damn,” I think. I really should have worn a hat.

I turn on the water—lukewarm—and step into the tub. The water stings when it touches my head. I adjust the shower flow to “gentle rain” and turn slowly underneath it.

I am rinsing my face when I hear the door open, then close. There is ice clinking, and a glass is set on the porcelain toilet lid.

I really hadn't expected him to join me.


“Hey, beautiful! Can I come in?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course! Are the kids okay?”

“Everyone’s fine. Damn, you look nice.”

He hands me the glass. I take a drink, and then set it back on the edge of the tub. He steps toward me and I take his hands, wrapping them around my waist and holding them behind my back. I can feel his breathing. The shower spray is splashing off my shoulders, hitting his face and chest.

We kiss. I am licking and sucking and tugging on his lips. They are salty. His chin is stubbly and stings my sunburned face. His cock is sandwiched between us. It is growing hard against my stomach. I reach down with my right hand and cup his balls, pressing them up against his body. His cock twitches. He sighs.

We trade places in the shower, and I push him under the water, still kissing. My fingers trace his collarbone down to his nipples. I pull on them gently, then lick and suck each one in turn, while massaging his cock with one hand.

Marcus grabs the soap and starts washing my body, kissing my neck. He holds me at arms’ length and stops.

“God, Maddie, your body is so ripe.”

I am four days before my period. Everything is a bit swollen, fuller and more sensitive. “Ripe” is the perfect word. Up until about five years ago I would have worried about being premenstrual and bloated in the ohmygod,mybodyissougly kind of way. Since I’ve had my kids, that stuff is secondary. I still have insecurities about my body, but they are not related to fucking.

Being naked and fucking is totally related to childbirth for me: When there are nine people in the delivery room all crowded around, putting their hands inside you, talking and explaining and focusing on your cunt and what’s coming out of it, it’s hard to have many reservations about getting naked in front of someone.

I back up, against the back wall, putting my right foot onto the edge of the tub. Marcus reaches down and finds my clit, pressing it between two fingers. I gasp, and kiss him hard.

He has fingers inside my pussy and moves to his knees. He sucks me off hard, as I grind myself onto his face. I come, and he stops, just pressing his hand over my clit.

“Fuck, that feels so good..”

My vaginal muscles are still contracting. His fingers slide back to my ass.

He starts massaging around my anus, using light pressure, then gradually increasing it. His fingers are slippery with soap. I take a breath, and then exhale, bearing down slightly to let his finger in.

He turns me toward the wall, and I arch my back into his finger sliding in and around. He folds his body around my back, reaching around front for my clit. A finger in my ass and one on my clit…thank god he is holding me up.

My cheek is pressed against the wall, and I’m looking back at him through the water spraying into my face. I come again. His cock is hard between my legs.

When I turn around, all I can think about is his dick in my mouth.

I sink to my knees, looking up at him. I take a long lick up the underside of his shaft, then swallow his cock, hitting the back of my throat, getting it slick. When my mouth reaches his pubis—when his cock is all the way inside—Marcus has a different moan. I especially like this one.

I alternate between deep throating him, sucking, jerking and sucking his balls. I can hold his cock up to his stomach, grab his sac, and take both balls into my mouth, rolling and sucking them. This gets me off almost as much as it does him.

Marcus and I have discussed the topic of sucking cock at length.

I think the longest I’ve ever sucked cock is about 30 minutes (Someone correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think that’s about right.). I truly enjoy it, but after a while, I like to switch things up a little. When I mentioned this to Marcus, he said he felt the same way; there are so many other things to do, and after a good blowjob, he’s eager to do some fucking. And since he’s very good at delaying his orgasms, the fun never ends.

We get out and towel off. I brush my teeth and watch him getting dressed in the mirror. We are taking the three youngest boys to the hotel pool. Marcus puts on his Versace swimsuit (thanks, sugar mama!)

Kids are in bed after dinner.

We are exhausted, but insatiable. He starts by telling me to suck his cock. Then to climb on top and ride him. I do this slowly, and he thrusts up, making me drip. He grabs my tits (ouch!) and slaps my face for protesting.

We roll me onto my back, and then flip my legs over to the side. He likes fucking me this way. My eyes are rolling back in my head, he pounds so hard. His pubic bone hits the top of my femur (my “sit” bone) so hard, and so many times, he has bruises.

He pulls out and moves to the foot of the bed.

“Come down here. Spread your knees.”

He stands on the floor and starts fucking, holding my hips with both hands. I am moving my chest and head down to the mattress.

He slaps my ass.

“Get up! Look over there. Look, goddamnit!”

I turn my head to the left. The double doors of the closet are mirrored. I could come at the sight of us. My back is arched and his hands are pulling me back toward him. Soon I am pushing back with as much force.

I reach down, finger my clit and am soon yelling into a pillow.

He literally has to move my limbs for me, I am so sexed. I want more; I always want more. I’m just not functioning at that high an intelligence level right now, and I’m not sure I could figure out how to get more.

I’ve been positioned at the side of the bed closest to the closet. I am sitting on Marcus’s cock, straddling him with my feet on the mattress, arms wrapped around his neck. He is watching the action over my shoulder. I have maintained a fair amount of muscle control, despite my general state, and I tighten my cunt on the upstroke, releasing and sliding down again.

He throws me back, and is on top of me, fucking me and looking at my face, then behind me. He nods to the mirror, “Look how beautiful you are.”

He pushes me back so my head falls off the side. I look at us, upside-down.

My legs are straight and wide, my hands holding my heels. My face is flushed.

Slowly, I am inching further off the edge of the bed. I put my knees over his shoulders and reach back with my arms. My torso is upside-down off the edge of the bed. My breasts look amazing. Full. . . as if i were wearing a tight bodice and on the floor . . . like Madonna in that video, you know the one I mean?

With every thrust, they heave toward my neck. I am watching our faces as we fuck.

I can't take my eyes off us.


Blogger M said...

Great Blog... I just shot an entire afternoon at work reading it. Very sexy stuff, and as a dad I love the kid interludes as well. Keep up the good work, and I'm linking to you!

Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

I dont think I could have taken my eyes off you two either.. so fucking HOT..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow always a pleasure.


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