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21 June 2005


Operational Intelligence

Note to readers: discussion about my personal feelings on monogamy and honesty in relationships can be found here.

And then.

I found this left open on my computer:

From: Collette
To: Daniel
Subject: None
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002

Truly my Daniel-chan,

After last week’s sexual encounter, I already have fantasies of what I want to do with you, to you when next we are together. I hope you want to see me soon. Not only “want to” but WILL. I’m waiting, impatiently.

Always thinking of you each and every day. Counting. Breathing. Going.

With love, yours.


Here's what I thought my marriage was. I was content to be the "She." God, I miss Harry Chapin.


Anonymous Sweet Potato said...

Ya know, I was always meaning to talk to you about that earlier post. I'll throw you an e-mail sometime. While I recognize and respect differing opinions on the subject, I steadfastly remain enamored with monogamy.


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